Jorge Masvidal Held Back From Colby Covington After Alleged Fight, Video Shows | TMZ Sports

Jorge Masvidal Held Back From Colby Covington After Alleged Fight, Video Shows | TMZ Sports

Jorge Masvidal yelled at Colby Covington and needed to be held back by several men following their alleged fight outside of a Miami hotspot on Monday night … new video, obtained by TMZ Sports, shows.

In the clip, you can see as Covington, wearing a tan shirt and grey pants, retreated back into Papi Steak, Masvidal — wearing a hat and a black t-shirt — screamed at him, “Don’t talk about my kids!”


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55 Responses

  1. Protectereli says:

    Super embarassing for Jorge….he had his opportunity to compete against Colby and got destroyed. Just let it go man.

  2. Nazrin Choo says:

    Jorge came out thinking he’s the tough guy? Dude, you had 25 mins locked in a cage with Colby and did nothing?! How is doing this to him made you look all tough and shit?! This doesn’t make you a man. This makes you more of a loser.

    • J Taco says:

      @DarkSkin American that’s what I was thinking you can splatter a guy on the pavement with a slam.

    • نسيم says:

      @Buu yet colby didnt wrestle masvidal. Instead he let another grown man punch his tooth out and cowered away after talking all that tough shit. Embarrasing.

    • SuperBigSlurpee says:

      colby wrestled him, when they were standing up jorge had the better exchanges lol

    • mikegivesnofucks _ says:

      @Buu yeah until someone bites a chunk outta ur body or puts his finger all the way into ur eyes. You’ll abandon that grappling real fast🤣 no rules in a street fight

    • MAC says:

      @kingomar69 Sucker punch king would have to result in a KO every time lol but nope Jorge is soft.

  3. shindara says:

    Masvidal only proved what colby said about him was right. It is like the movies when you realize at the end that the mean guy was actually the good guy

  4. FKS1994 says:

    If what Masvidal is saying is true, this idiot really put out a video implicating himself and gave the police evidence if Colby wanted to press charges. What an idiot. You lost in the ring, where you as a fighter should have settled your differences. Taking it personal when everyone knows Colby is just selling the fight shows how emotionally traumatized Colby has them.

    • Rick C says:

      @Zipskylark said a kids name? i think we need to bring back the death penalty for that one? 😂😂

    • You Ain't Got No Tegridy Boi says:

      I’m pretty sure only Usman wasn’t affected by Colby’s trash talk and that’s why they were able to squash the beef right after the fights.

    • Ah shit, here we go again. says:

      @WMP007 they have a personal grudge against one thinks he wronged his coach the other says he turned his back on him thats a personally rivalry that i dont feel will go away its kinda like how jon and dc were on sight anywhere and even after the octagon days they still dont really like each other.

    • Chuk L Hed says:

      @No0chvader yeah could. But will it turn out that way?…. I doubt it.

    • Ah shit, here we go again. says:

      @F Lopez yeah it depends on the person colby talked about usmans dad didnt bother him and went ahead and won that fight and put that aside.Usman and colby had that vegas thing in the buffet line but thats because ali instigated it.

      Yeah anything you say expect a reaction if your ready for that kind of energy.Colby is tryna sell like how conor does he has a better record than conor but less attention most fighters want what conor has.

  5. Mighty Izzy says:

    Colby lives rent free in Jorge’s head and ego. What an embarrassment for the MMA community.

  6. Christian says:

    Huge loss of respect for Masvidal. He had 25 minutes to beat Colby and lost 5-0 and then tried and sneak punch Colby.

    • Paul Gregson says:

      @J Lev I don’t think he meant literally crying so you can stop clinging to that. He was bitching, grassing, snitching, whatever you like to call it. Masvidal got him enough the police had to get involved, however you want to phrase it.

    • T says:

      Weak minded and immature. He let the bmf go to his head when he really was/is very far from the bmf. I think pretty much any mma fan with any reasonable common sense always knew that. That’s why that bmf belt is a joke. Nobody takes that publicity stunt serious and everyone knows he’s always been a street whiner.

    • MAC says:

      @bx1 bx1 Got him in the end? Lol sucker punched him while wearing a disguise and couldn’t even knock Colby out lol just face it Jorge is soft and this makes him look like even more of a bitch than he already did 🤣

    • Omar Tovar says:

      @bx1 bx1 😆 masvidal actually cried after the colby fight in his locker room. Stfu colby made him cry and destroyed his career..

    • J Lev says:

      @bx1 bx1 okay. In the video you saw him getting questioned by police. How is that crying to the police.

  7. Aliping sagigilid says:

    As a Jorge fan, this is sad.
    You had your 25 minutes chance when you fought him inside the octagon but you didn’t deliver.
    Why attacking someone off guard? That’s weak ass move dude. You know better than that.

    • You Ain't Got No Tegridy Boi says:

      @H cheated how? He beat his ass.

    • Noa Genesis says:

      @H 😂😂😂 Colby even outstruck him in standup go look it up .

    • 3rd3y3-Hiii says:

      @Anthony Garcia  covington is all show. He’s a shitty entertainer and a B+ fighter.

    • 3rd3y3-Hiii says:

      @Kyle Trombley  lost all credibility? Do you know where Jorge started fighting? Lolol

    • 3rd3y3-Hiii says:

      @retrosb  ya, teach your kids to stand up for themselves. You gonna let your kids get walked on? You not gonna stand up for your kids either? I’ll never teach my son to beat someone up, but I will teach him to defend himself.

  8. Gosaku says:

    We’ve already seen what happens when you lock these two in a cage for 25 minutes. Colby ragdolls him and Masvidals’ ego can’t take it

  9. Vietnamse Monky says:

    “BUT HE TALKED ABOUT HIS KIDS BRO THINK OF MUH CHILDREN!” Yeah, great idea for him to assault Colby and possibly go to jail and lose even more time with them lmao. Wonderful idea Jorge.

    • Cedric Beard says:

      But if he gets the Conor slap on the wrist, he still gets to fight Leon Edwards, probably gets a rematch with Nate, and 3.5 – 4.5 million dollars will be deposited into a bank account bearing his name. And it’s in Dana White’s best interest for this to happen. Oh and I think Jorge is a rude thug, but this was no worse than Conor or Jon Jones antics. The real loser is Leon Edwards, who gets sucker punched, boo’d after dominating Nate, and no empathy from YouTube comment sections.

    • Colin Killian says:

      Indeed, Jorge just signed a multi fight, multi million dollar contract with the UFC. Putting him in the top 3 most highly paid fighters in the promotion, now there is a real possibility that he just lost that contract. So I’m sure his kids will certainly enjoy this sucker punch to defend their honor over being financially secure for the rest of their lives. The way Jorge did this is inexcusable, disguised himself and then sucker punches Colby twice before running away..

  10. Steven Jones says:

    All these fake ass fighters believe Colby is scared of him. He does his business in the ring like a real professional.

    • Thomas Re says:

      @Cesar Ravelo For real most of these people are dumb and never had a criminal record before. Colby has a clean record, and has already beat masvidal in the cage, what more does he have to prove? Other than masvidal being a sore loser, and stalking covington and sucker punching from behind him with his hood on. masvidal has so many felonies already, so he has nothing to lose. Covington has everything to lose if he beat masvidalls ass right there. No offense but Dana should cut masvidal, he did it to edward too. Bisping called him a piece of shit too. I truly believe masvidal is a piece of shit. Doesn’t visit his kids, sucker punches people. Cheats on his wife etc.

    • Cesar Ravelo says:

      @David Tecco look what happened to masvidal sucker punched him now has another felony in his record you really think colbys that stupid?

    • Cesar Ravelo says:

      @David Tecco probably because he s a professional and realizes he’s gonna get arrested if he fights on the streets with the same person he’s supposed be locked in an octagon with for 25 mins? Use your brain a little homie

    • David Tecco says:

      In street fight colby always chickens out, he did it with usman, twice, in the mall and in the airport…

    • Cesar Ravelo says:

      @A L stupidest shit I’ve ever heard he’s both like everyone on the roster is.

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