Judge finds Trump committed fraud in NY civil case

Judge finds Trump committed fraud in NY civil case

New York Times Investigative reporter Susanne Craig joins Ali Velshi, in for Nicolle Wallace, to discuss the breaking news that a New York state court judge ruled that Donald Trump committed fraud by exaggerating the value of his assets in financial statements, representing a major blow to the ex-president. 

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48 Responses

  1. HOPE RUNS DEEP says:

    People who serve the public interest (elected politicians, clergy, etc.) ought to pay a higher price for their crimes.

    • D G says:

      In my country, they do. Its part of sentencing rules.

    • J Kelly says:

      When i held a high position, i absolutely never ever took requests/gifts from anyone… esp friends/family. Only the hired personnel, which i kept from the prev admin (they were shocked), guided my decisions as student body pres as all my decisions are in the eyes of a college sophmore single dad student of a 3yr old. It was different for them, they really had a change of heart/job duties w/ a student dad totally looking out for EVERY PARENT/STUDENT/CHILD on MY campus during MY tenure (my daughter hates me for waking her so early, b/c i had to be the first one in the door at 5am on campus to read reports, news and send the first email response to EVERYTHING. My staff said it was the most they ever got done and “PASSED legislation” on campus, the most overtime work 😟, and the most they felt like “WE WERE ACTUALLY DOING OUR JOB 100% OF THE TIME 🤯🤗🤑and it felt really good.”

    • sunshinelizard1 says:

      And cops.

    • rochestas says:

      @D GIf you don’t mind me asking… which country are you from? Also, do you find that laws like that really hold those in office to a higher standard (do you find there’s less corruption)?

      I’m from the USA and I’ve always been so curious about things like that!

    • Megan M says:

      It’s a factor that judges consider in sentencing.

  2. Gr8 D4ne says:

    Did he not once admit that he knows the system is rigged because he uses it?

  3. Todd Bradford says:

    If a man claims to be a Billionaire and yet is constantly begging you for money, he is either lying about being a Billionaire or he’s lying about needing your money.

  4. Araújo Oluap Is Waiting. ... says:

    This is why Donnie ended up blacklisted by every bank other than Deutche Bank – and DB found violations of their internal guardrails by an executive who just couldn’t get enough Trump business. (Donnie does have a knack for finding enablers, wherever he needs them.)

    • Grateful Fredly says:

      And now a Jury will decide. Waiting for MSDNC coverage on a not guilty verdict, considering all the evidence they have presented. Would that be considered incitement if a jury finds him not guilty? You know that, that thing says he is still as innocent as Hunter, both are presumed innocent right? Just not to media.

    • GeoffJa says:

      @Grateful Fredly A jury will decide? Maybe you should look that part up.

    • Irene says:

      Humpy got away with filing bankruptcy several times on his casino’s in Atlantic City but got away without owing anything to the banks. Once a crook, always a crook.

  5. Greg R says:

    They inflated their assets when they wanted to get a loan. They devalued their assets when it came time to pay taxes. But he only paid $750 in taxes. In 2016 when Hillary brought it up, Trump said that it makes him smart.

    • CWhipp says:

      He said using the system makes him smart. Thats not an admission of fraud. He uses the laws that your lovely democrats have out in place to make themselves rich. Wouldn’t you? Yes. No one is stupid enough to say oh I owe you 750 but I’ll pay you 100k. And even if he did…the IRS would send it back..at least they are supposed to.

    • Renoir Randy says:

      @CWhipp but he has been caught committing fraud.

    • Heath Wirt says:

      @CWhipp In trump’s deranged mind, fraud is smart.

  6. John Doe says:

    Trump ? FRAUD ??? Nooooooo !!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  7. Kathy K says:

    How can some people just “say” the value of something but the rest of us have to have it appraised? Did he not have records that proved the value?

  8. I can’t believe the world got this crazy says:

    Anytime I was buying or selling a property I had to hired a professional to evaluate and set the worth of said property. They never asked me what I thought the properties were worth. Again, the rich aren’t expected to follow the rules.

  9. Darryl Gossett says:

    He not only overvalued assets for the purpose of loans, he also undervalued the same assets for the purpose of tax reduction.

  10. Marilyn Lockheed says:

    The judge just confirmed what a majority or Americans already knew about trump.

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