Ukrainian Ambassador Reads Texts From Russian Soldier Before He Was Killed

Ukrainian Ambassador Reads Texts From Russian Soldier Before He Was Killed

Ukrainian Amb. Sergei Kyslytsya read out a screenshot of a text exchange between a Russian soldier and his mother from before he was killed during a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.

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32 Responses

  1. hizzle mobizzle says:

    Oh my god. As a father my heart is broken. I cannot imagine the pain of losing my son who has been thrown into a war he does not believe in and that his nation’s people don’t want.

    • Persp Gold says:

      Whats sick is the soldiers doing what they are told.

      He is killing civilians knowing that it is wrong. all invading soldiers should meet the same end. How naive of you to buy this pro-russian propaganda. putin is not the only evil. every one of these soldiers is equally evil

    • NBG IPTV says:

      @J l’wilder that sound right remember Putin calling the Ukrainian president neo-Nazis and drug addicts and calling for the people of Ukraine to turn on their president?

    • Jan Teekens says:

      @: Александр Примак
      so what?

    • Rick Arnold says:

      @donald norlie no you weren’t, you were propping up a cortupt puppet govt. Ike at the end of his term famously said in ’59, Ho Chi Min would win the vote in Vietnam by a landslide. It was the American war on the Vietnamese people. Totally wrong and barbaric like this nightmare.

    • Miss Bizy says:

      Putin is a monster. How could you do this to families? To Ukraine. To your own people? I mourn for every life lost.

  2. Alina Diaz says:

    It is so heartbreaking and as a mother, the mere idea of losing my kids just plunges me into an abyss of endless pain.

  3. Benedicta 💕 says:

    If you have a safe and comfortable life outside Ukraine, then enjoy it and be grateful because you do not know when that ends. Salute Ukrainian soldiers for their bravery. The president of Ukraine is a real life hero RESPECT

  4. Judas says:

    I’m a grown man but I choked up and had tears in my eyes. It is truly heartbreaking for both sides.

    • test says:

      @qewqeqeqwew that’s actually even more sad, they’re being sent to their death or sent to someone else’s as a young adult without any contact back home – that’s something you can’t even deny, honestly, I would argue that no normal person would care if it is fake or not.

    • qewqeqeqwew says:

      @Lee Stringfield Fake, Russian soldiers have no phones as they would be located and attacked immidiately, all radio emissions are measured and controlled… and how the heck he would have mobile internet in Ukraine as Russian soldier? There must be special flat rate for invading soldiers from Urkainian phone companies XD Holy crap…. when people belive such cheap propaganda, the world is in real danger.

    • Bart Lane says:


    • Lee Stringfield says:

      @Рамазанов Арсен is it fake, or untrue? There is a difference, and the more important one is the one you fail to see. Sucks to be you

    • Рамазанов Арсен says:

      It’s fake lol. Our soldiers have no phones)

  5. Jameseena Coene says:

    I broke down in tears ,gulping for air, when he said,, I’m in Ukraine. I have three adult sons, and I felt the pain as though I was his mother. God help us. This is foolish men playing in à big sandbox, like children. All I can do is pray, pray for all sons to live.

  6. John P. Grygus says:

    Absolutely heartbreaking for the Russian boys who don’t want to be there and the Russian mothers who have lost the greatest gift life gave them.

    • Candy Land says:

      @Eric Easily manipulated? Look at all the people that love trump. That’s called manipulation. Spewing fake news and blaming others is manipulation, Telling lies about others is manipulation. trump got his tactics from russia. Making people hate others is manipulation.

    • Norma Forsyth says:

      @Robert Marmaduke their right to an education? Do tell.

    • Dreamwelch says:

      @Veni Agree, if I think of the past that happened to my country, I will also hate Japan and the Netherlands, history is still history, from history we are also more aware

    • Dreamwelch says:

      @E. I. Be aware bro, war or revenge in the end does not bring happiness, there are tears over victory

    • Timeless Records says:

      They signed up for that though. What do you think would be the outcome of going into a military?

  7. Crypto Watch says:

    My heart is broken 😞, a young soldier sent for something he never knew what was before him. Military force, you can’t say no 👎. Let peace be restored!

  8. ACEgamer says:

    This is so heartbreaking, I feel so sad for everyone involved. Remember, the true enemy isn’t the Russian soldiers, it’s just Putin and his individual political allies. To any Russian soldiers who may see this, we urge you to not fight as instructed, don’t give Putin the war he wants. You won’t be judged, we understand this isn’t your fault, it’s all on Putin.

    • M.A. * says:

      @Adawg 303 2 wrongs don’t make a right…..Russian government also promised not to invade Ukraine. I believe Ukraine only gave up the nuclear weapons. No country on earth would promise not to have any military equipment, weapons.

    • Adawg 303 says:

      Uhh you do know that nato violated their agreement not to expand into Ukraine while Obama was president right? All the weapons and aid going to Ukraine by the western alliance… shouldn’t have happened according to the Budapest memorandum. Russia doesn’t want nato in Ukraine and the west thought Russia was bluffing. So here we are with a Ukraine president bringing talks of joining nato, and Russia is making sure that never happens. I feel like maybe the western alliance creeping up so close to russias front door provoked this entire situation in the first place, and that Putin is actually not just a murderous a hole but in fact ensuring Ukraine doesn’t join nato, especially considering how much of a threat Putin sees having nato in Ukraine would be

      At the end of the day the west didn’t even have ukraines back anyways other than sanctions which drive up the price of oil, which is 70% of russias GDP exports anyways. Since the Biden admin rose the price of oil so much, Russia has profited 80 billion or more, enough to fund this invasion.

      “Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country” -John McCain

    • David salo says:

      Putin’s house of lies is about to collapse. It cannot withstand the light of day. Putin will be killed by one of his own.

    • Smurf Poppin says:

      They don’t have access to phones that kid just snuck it thinking it was a training, army guys do it all the time, poor kid probably got ambushed and didn’t know what to do

  9. Hoàng Sa - Trường Sa là của Việt Nam !!!!! says:

    My heart goes to the brave people of Ukraine. LOVE RESPECT for Ukrainians 🇺🇦 from VIET NAM!!!

  10. Mimi Owoeye says:

    I can’t imagine this young Russian soldier’s mum. Oh my goodness, I am just crying right now.
    This is beyond sad. May the aged mum be strengthen by the universe ✨ 🙏 💖

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