Kamila Valieva falls in final skate and finishes fourth

Kamila Valieva falls in final skate and finishes fourth

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Kamila Valieva fell during her free skate and finished the women’s figure skating competition in fourth place.

The Russian figure skater, 15, tested positive for the banned heart medication trimetazidine on Christmas Day and investigations are ongoing regarding the case.

Valieva found out on Monday that she would be able to compete in the women’s competition following a decision from the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

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36 Responses

  1. Catherine NELSON says:

    She’s a fabulous skater. I hope we see her again, without the doping scandal.
    The idea of not having a medal ceremony if Vallieva had done well is simply not fair to the other skaters who worked hard for years and won.

    • confessionsofoncer says:

      Unfortunately it looks like it was her other teammates who are likely also cheaters but weren’t caught. The whole team is corrupt

    • Jonny Cool says:

      You will see.

    • David Horacek says:

      Yeah, that’s unlikely – not because of the doping, but because Tuberitze’s little girls are too broken by the age of 17 to remain competitive. The doping they found is far from the worst thing they do to these girls. If Kamila stays with Tuberitze, I guarantee she will no longer be competing in 2026: at 19 she will be two years past her expiration date. The only hope she has is to go to a coach who can teach her a jump technique that will not destroy her back and joints. This is the perfect excuse, since Tuberitze literally doped her and ruined the one Olympic competition that Kamila will ever have in her life. It’s just so cruel!

  2. Kara Bailey says:

    This is exactly why the age limit for competing in the “Women’s” program should be at least 16. Everyone should be held to the same accountability and rules. She’s only 15 and still considered a protected person under the rules and the adults that surround her took full advantage of that fact. I do feel really bad for her. She is, without question, the best figure skater I have ever seen. The pressure of what has happened over the past week combined with being a child at the Olympics and then living up to the pressure of everyone telling you that you are the best in the world is just too much for someone so young. She should have withdrawn from competition and just trained for the next one. And she really needs to look into getting a new team of coaches and trainers that are going to look out for her best interests.

    • alex cohen says:

      @Amanda H Yes, Amanda, you are so right; the commentators should have thought of that before condemning her;
      exactly where was what they learned in the Bible.—to forgive and repent. Rabbi ~Alex

    • Leslie Gambee says:

      I agree.

    • Amanda H says:

      @Neltins wWe must remember this is a global problem. Gymnasts in America we’re subject to sexual abuse. A minimum age requirement is necessary to avoid all nations exploiting children.

    • Neltins says:

      Its very strange, the Russians abuse her so heavily & pressure them their entire lives to become #1 in ice skating. And then…???? They drug her. Literally without the little girls even knowing. They prompt massive backlash, which they knew would happen from past Olympics. And the coaches still expect them to stay #1 despite all the backlash from people, its like Russians don’t think mental health exist.

      This could’ve gone entirely differently if they just never drugged her, the ROC is addicted to doping athletes… she could perform as well as she wants without feeling like she’ll be hated even more if she wins.

    • Emily Davison says:

      Exactly. I felt sorry for her. Rather than a skating prodigy, she just looked like a sad little girl in the end. And the competition spoiled.

  3. aura says:

    Poor girl, she looked distressed and broken. I hope she can heal and come back stronger ♡

    • Paul Smith says:

      @aura I suspect she didn’t even know she’d taken them. Just given it without even knowing about it.

    • nederbelg2 says:

      @Tony Cruz do you really think that that kind of doping makes such big difference? If yes, sorry but than you don’t know very much about the subject imo

    • alex cohen says:

      These commentators could not let this all ride until after the competition ….like what kind of people are they who just would not let that little girl goabout her skating until summation later.?

    • CurlyBoyChuck says:

      And stop cheating 👍🏼

    • aura says:

      @Tony Cruz Just try to put yourself in her shoes! Her trainer Eteri Tuberidze is known for her harsh training methods and she most likely forced her to take said drugs to perform better. I doubt Kamila would take drugs on her own terms and risk her career and reputation.

  4. Antonio Acevedo says:

    Very well put by this gentleman. Kamila must have been a mental wreck with all that has happened in the last week. My heart goes out to her. I blame those coaches and trainers for this happening to her. I can’t help but wonder how ratings may have played a role in this. Would she have been suspended from competing if she were an average skater?

    • THE NINJACAT says:

      she should not have been on the ice. the coaches and trainers used her as their personal drug mule to win an olympic medal! I don’t blame valieva as a minor but the adults who drugged her knew better.

    • Edge Of Light says:

      it’s still unfair for everyone else who didn’t take drugs while training. Also allowing her to ski is wrong because it sets a terrible precedent: either she didn’t know and she was literally drugged or she did know and she willingly doped herself.

    • ßtaredirect says:

      @Jayla I’m personally not putting all the blame on her, I’m just not going to act like the situation is any different because her age. I’m not going to act like she’s naive either 🤷‍♂️

    • RecliningCoffeeMachine says:

      @Tina Novak Christ I would hate to live in a dictatorship like you do. I just love how naive you are, it’s like talking to a dog. Moron.

    • Timothy Man says:

      She is talented for sure not an average skater as you can see her performance before in different competitions before this scandal

  5. Jb Ballares says:

    Very traumatic for 15year old Kamila.. to much stress for her…still you are the best, still have a lot of competition to compete.. мы с тобой, Kamila..

  6. Lee Hsu says:

    So what!! She is still the champion to me. Her every move carries with it grace and elegance. “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever”–so true is Keats’ poem. No one at this point can replace her to show to the world how beautiful figure skating can be. (Poor girl. She is only a teen ager!! Be mercy and thankful that there is such a person can show us such a beauty.)

  7. skylark says:

    This is as tough as it gets for a 15 year old with the high expectations of the world on her shoulders. She’s been treated horribly by her coaches or whoever doped her, and I wouldn’t put her past her teammates to do something to improve their own odds against such a naturally talented skater. She’s disappointed but she will grow into an adult skater with many years ahead in the sport. Flustered and naive perhaps but she has many strengths; the entire affair has been handled as badly as possible. I wish her well.

    • Slick Big Bank says:

      You sound stupid and naive. That tainted drink with the drugs didn’t taste funny at all. Get the hell out of here.

    • Friendly Observer says:

      Trusova sure made it clear that it was gold and only gold she would accept. Crying and saying she hated the sport and would never skate again!?! Wow. She sulked which was rude to her teammate who won gold. She acted as if SHE was the victim and gold was stolen from her, when we ALL know Valieva would win the gold. Who had motive to dope Valieva?? I think someone showed their pathology today, VERY clearly. jmho.

    • John Harlepas says:

      She doped herself . Stop giving her excuses .

  8. Single Asian Gay Male says:

    heartbroken for kamila, due to the eteri expiration date, that’s what most heartbreaking. i hope she finds a new coach and can start over, if she stays with eteri, it’s over. eteri doesn’t give a damn once she finds newer, younger girls to exploit.

  9. YM W says:

    I just feel so bad for her and cried a lot.

    • Kate Wills says:

      @ViaMirage no one wants to embarrass themselves that bad…unless there is motive. The Olympics are the big time…

    • Kate Wills says:

      @Hyung Woo Lee yep I just saw the skate. That…was on purpose. No one throws that bad of a skate at this level. It looked completely intentional to get Russia on that podium!

    • JACOB BAKER says:

      @Hyung Woo Lee you think so? If that is true then thats just INSANE.

    • Hyung Woo Lee says:

      @ViaMirage just think about this. She performed last and Russians knew their other two skaters secured gold and silver. No need for her to perform well to not have any ceremony and taint it even further. Russia got what they wanted gold and silver plus the podium ceremony without her.

    • Hyung Woo Lee says:

      @ViaMirage obviously she was upset because she was probably told to fail and not perform. This happens quite alot in Olympics.

  10. Sam Higginson says:

    Incredibly well put. I wish her the very best.

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