Keith & Eugene Rank The Taco Bell Menu

Keith & Eugene Rank The Taco Bell Menu

Welcome back to the crossover collab we all love, Rank The Menu! Join Keith and Eugene in ranking the most popular items at Taco Bell! Don’t agree with our ranks? Well, that’s too bad! We’re right, you’re wrong, open wide!

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42 Responses

  1. Gaysian Sociolog says:

    Let’s be honest we are partially here for the delirium that sets in half way through the video and they just start talking about anything else but the topic at hand.

  2. Shea Lee says:

    I care about Eugene’s well-being. But I also want many, many more Rank the Menus…

  3. Kelley Germaine says:

    Ya’ll gotta give whoever is doing the captions a raise. They captured Eugene’s nonsense so well LOL

  4. Angela L says:

    I fucking love that Keith is just ignoring Eugene saying the wrong name of every item on menu

    • AxxL says:

      OH NOOOOOOOO!!! I have two girlfriends, but very few people on YT are happy for my relationship success. They disl*ke all of the videos I make with my 2 girlfriends. Please be kind, dear ange

  5. Patterrz says:

    Taco Bell fries are the best fries, my most unpopular fast food opinion. At least the UK version absolutely slap

    • Betsy says:

      the cheese they come with alone is killer. if mcdonald’s had a little warm cheese sauce that’d be a different story

    • Sahara Anne Burns says:

      Agree! The fact they made them after a karen threw a fit about them not having fries makes it even more iconic!!

    • Alder Blanco says:

      haha I believe you, my favorite fast food fries are from Del Taco, which has an even worse reputation than the Bell in the US lmao. you only go to del taco if the taco bell like, burned down or something, but I think their food is great.

  6. megan blyler says:

    Eugene: baby’s can drown in buckets hahah
    Keith: yea it’s probably not funny
    😂😂😂😂 I can’t!! I live these two together

  7. Kaycee Bowen says:

    Idea: Take the top item from all the Eat The Menu’s and have Eugene and Keith rank them so there is a clear #1 item

  8. Jenny says:

    I’d love to see Keith eat like every Little Debbie or every kind of Lay’s chips, things like that! I bet that would be fun too!

  9. Neems says:

    I am Native American and the “like fried bread” Keith was talking about is actually called fry bread 😂 he was spot on

    • Jessica Simpson says:

      That part made me laugh! My husband and my kids are native and I can’t make fry bread well to same my life. Whenever I’m really really missing Indian tacos I go to Taco Bell for a very poor substitute 😅 I definitely need to try to make them again.

    • Skylar Greene says:

      Lol I use chalupas to explain what frybread 🫓 is

    • Roy R says:

      Sten Jodi – Greasy Fry Bread (Rez Dogs)

  10. Kira Gin says:

    Its Keith reminding Eugene that drowning babies ismt funny for me😂 dark humor has never had a more lighthearted display before Eugene’s casual laughter at the idea of buckets being a baby drowning hazard

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