Kevin Durant’s ice cold fourth quarter pushes Nets to 0-2 deficit vs. Celtics | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Kevin Durant’s ice cold fourth quarter pushes Nets to 0-2 deficit vs. Celtics | NBA | UNDISPUTED

The Brooklyn Nets fell to the Boston Celtics 114-107 last night, and now find themselves in a 2-0 hole as the series shifts back to New York. Kevin Durant scored 27 points but he was held without a field goal in the second half, going 0-for-10 as Boston overcame a 17-point deficit earlier in the game. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe break down what led to the Nets’ collapse.

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Kevin Durant’s ice cold fourth quarter pushes Nets to 0-2 deficit vs. Celtics | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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49 Responses

  1. CycleCruza says:

    Kevin is probably wishing he was back on the Warriors where he can have an easy ride to a championship.

    • Taxationis Theft says:

      @BobbyLove O’Block I mean……. Not disrespect to Boston… but they were lowkey not that goood, brown and Tatum were still young af and kyrie was injured so

    • OhGeezReact says:

      @ImYour HuckleBearer it’s easier when you play with other great players I’d say

    • ImYour HuckleBearer says:

      @Rickey Jones how about we praise boston for such a great gameplan also

    • ImYour HuckleBearer says:

      @Rickey Jones so whats the problem he was genius for joining them.

    • Thik Boi says:

      @Matrix Seven go back and check your facts little bro. 2018 was when it was literally Lebron and bums lmaooo. Learn more tiny dude, you have a long way to go.

  2. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    The only time KD has won was when there was no possible way he could lose. He still needs to prove he can win IMO.

    • ZelgiusTheBrave says:

      That should be everybody’s opinion lol

    • Come2morrow says:

      @Peoples Champ Bulls Dynasty had multiple Superstars on each 3peat: MJ, Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc, and many very good all-star specialist type players: BJ Armstrong, Kerr, Paxon, Craig Hodges, Horace Grant, etc. Only Hakeem -Rockets- won a championship without other Superstars on the team that I know of.

    • Big Mac says:

      @Peoples Champ lebron does have titles without dwade and bosh tho fool he’s won 2 without bosh and wade

    • Big Mac says:

      @Peoples Champno don’t ever put kd in the same convo with lebron. Lebron won in 2016 being the underdog and kd never won being a under dog he only won twice with the best team of all Time. Get your bassketball iq up

    • Che1424 says:

      Word same for bron bron

  3. AnJoia Lockett says:

    Don’t run Skip 😂 take this! All that talking about LeBron has MISFIRED!

  4. Shaboingboing says:

    It’s time we talk about how we need to keep the same energy for Kd the same way we do to LeBron, Kd wanted Harden which led the nets to sacrifice their future and he also wanted Nash both resulted in 0 rings at least LeBron got a chip

    • Taxationis Theft says:

      @The Humble One yes he does 😂😂😭no one counts that finals against him because he played against probably one of the greatest dunastys of all time

    • Taxationis Theft says:

      @The Humble One you’re not very bright if you think the 2018 Celtics are the same as the 2022 celtics. You’re actually hilarious

    • weezy F goku says:

      @Marcus Clark 2018 Lebron would’ve still whooped them

    • Derby King says:

      @Marcus Clark false the 2018 Celtics had a better record than this year

    • Afro Free says:

      @The Humble One No you’re EXACTLY right. All these apologists are just cherry picking. This Celtics core is the same core

  5. B Real says:

    This the first time Skip has been objective in his entire career 😂

    • smitty werbenjagermanjensen says:

      @Vice President Mike Pence harden wouldn’t have left either

    • Liquid Jackson says:

      @Vice President Mike Pence you can’t guarantee an outcome from one persons choice. Relax.

    • Carl T. Boobs says:

      @Sac12 name one racist undertone that Skip had made. Always with the race card and you wonder why people don’t take racism seriously

  6. Drew says:

    KD is the only so called “best player on the planet” to go 0/10, talk about a choke job.

    • Will Sani says:

      so tired of a lot of media talking heads worshipping the dude. Has he been a top 5 player? Pre-achilles, yes. Dude never had ‘the belt’ as the best player on the planet. Never.

    • Max Shores says:

      @YourAverage90sGuys yeah i think the mavs were an all time great team that year

    • Max Shores says:

      @Rico Royce I was asking if you were implying if the mavs weren’t that good sorry it sounded weird 😂

    • Kieran Joyes says:

      And who held Joel Embiid to 0 points (0-11) once in 2019? My Raps

    • YourAverage90sGuys says:

      @Max Shores mavs literally swept kobes lakers in first round, who were the champs from the year before, they had an amazing regular season and bulldozed most of playoffs, dirk was on the decline, but a decline from a historic great player is still better than 99% of the league, mavs were a really good team.

  7. PokkyDeska says:

    Crazy how KD “carried” Steph so hard in those finals but he sure could use him right about now!

    • freddie lim says:

      @Dajuan KD shot 4/17 with 18/20 free throw, if wasn’t all the FT, he would only score 9 points. So that’s prove that when the team needed him the most but he didn’t step up.
      Don’t try to take anything away from steph as he made everyone in his team better by sacrificing himself by luring a double team and allow their teammates to score which KD doesn’t do that to his team

    • yūji says:

      @Dajuan Talk to us when KD gets a ring without GS

    • PokkyDeska says:

      @Dajuan If you can get a great player you go and get him regardless of how good you’re you can always be better. KD made the warriors unbeatable but he didn’t make them. They already had their core and they were already successful!

    • PokkyDeska says:

      @Dajuan THEY ALREADY GOT ONE WITHOUT HIM! They don’t need to prove anything. Without KD they have a ring it’s KD who doesn’t have one 😂

  8. Sissoko Thierno says:

    I can not believe that KD is going to prove the world right. That he can’t win without two of the greatest shooters of all time taking defensive attention away from him. What a shame!

  9. Thomas Sankara says:

    The Thing about the Celtics defense is that it’s exposing KDs limitations as a Passer. LeBron shreds defenses that play him like this. Giannis shredded the Heat and Suns defense with his playmaking. KD has to improve his game.

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