Kevin Gates – Big Lyfe (Official Music Video)

Kevin Gates – Big Lyfe (Official Music Video)

Kevin Gates – Big Lyfe (Official Music Video)

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24 Responses

  1. Gemini James says:

    I can only imagine what the album is going to sound of like after hearing this song. He never disappoints. You did it again sir. congratulations. #iamkevingates#khaza

  2. Buddy's DIY says:

    Kev gets better with every album. Greatest modern rapper hands down. Bar none 🔥

  3. Heather Moonz says:

    It’s the fact he stays true to his self
    And mentions his kids for me🔥🔥

    He can do without Hollywood exc.. trying to fancy him up for the masses
    He sacred / he not suppose to be for the masses .. no hate tho get that bag gates!! All love and positive vibes
    Real ones realize and still show love❤️

  4. Henrique Nascimento says:

    Gates é insano, cada vez melhor uma verdadeira lenda.. 🔥🔥

  5. My Turn says:

    This man is not playing games he’s hitting us with straight fire.

  6. JuicyAmazon says:

    I been hearing the instrumental for a long time I knew he would eventually put it out. The song is everything I expected🔥🔥🔥 but I’m ready for the album I know it’s going to go up when he drops it 😎

  7. TreydayXo says:

    Gates is pure motivation.
    If your broke, hustle harder, hustle smarter.
    Your not happy with your body. Workout eat clean.
    You get jammed up, stay quiet, do your time like a man.
    Provide for your wife and kids.
    Praise god.
    No excuses.
    Big general

  8. q y says:

    I don’t listen to rap anymore, and that’s why I can still tap in with Gates because you understand the sacred. Be whole, not by yourself but become one with the light of life and don’t embrace the darkness and neither be afraid of it. We are meant to trample on the things of darkness. We are victorious with Christ, seated in high places🙏

  9. Chris Mora says:

    This shit is dope as hell. Knew it would be. Kev the growth in your music is an inspiration!

    • Willie Johnson says:

      Man I was thinking the exact same thing. He has evolved over the years and it shows! We can all benefit from that

  10. My Turn says:

    Gates brings the fire EVERYTIME!

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