Reaction to Dolphins-Chargers, 49ers-Steelers, Packers-Bears, Raiders-Broncos | Colin Cowherd NFL

Reaction to Dolphins-Chargers, 49ers-Steelers, Packers-Bears, Raiders-Broncos | Colin Cowherd NFL

Colin Cowherd reacts to a wild NFL Week 1. He explains why Tua Tagovailoa had the upper hand against Justin Herbert in the Miami Dolphins’ win over the Los Angeles Chargers, why the Pittsburgh Steelers were totally outmatched by the San Francisco 49ers, why Justin Fields blew an opportunity in the Chicago Bears’ loss to the Green Bay Packers, and why there are already big problems showing for the Denver Broncos after their loss to the Las Vegas Raiders.

00:00 – Start
00:18 – Dolphins-Chargers
02:36 – 49ers-Steelers
05:44 – Packers-Bears
08:15 – Raiders-Broncos
11:27 – Making It Look Easy

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54 Responses

  1. Human Being says:

    Let’s not ignore Colin’s constant criticism of Tua and Purdy, and also a few weeks back, he tipped the Seahawks to win the division.

    • The truth is the light! says:

      He slobbers over Purdy; that’s a lie. Hr just can’t stand that his pet QB like Herbert, Burrow and Pickett, sucked. But Tua was a monster, and Love, who he disparaged, shined. He’s so hypocritical.

    • Principal Skinner says:

      It’s crazy at this point, I was always high on Purdy, but I used to be a Tua doubter. At a certain point you got to recognize talent.

    • John Denver says:

      I don’t wanna hear anything about excuses for the Bears. They got EMBARRASSED at home!

    • Jeff Anderson says:

      He doesn’t read these….and I bet his show, youtube channel and podcast network will do OK despite his occasional ‘off take’

    • Killeh says:

      @The truth is the light! Love did not shine

  2. Rashad Jackson says:

    This guy is hilarious. He just can’t admit he was WRONG about Tua 😂😂😂😂

  3. Doug Miyamoto says:

    Not that I think that Colin is wrong about the upside of having an offensive head coach. But I think he’s starting to beat a dead horse. You can’t reduce every win down to having an offensive coach. There are other factors that play into it. He is sometimes guilty of crafting his message to suit his already pre-determined narrative. Like not giving Love credit for his excellent play today.

    • Robert O'Neal says:

      The problem is he’s beating the same dead horse BUT the other teams aren’t listening..

    • Henry Scharf says:

      His point is YOUNG quarterbacks who are still developing would develop better under an offensive coach. Established quarterbacks who are good game managers would thrive under a defensive coach.

    • Maekong's Corner says:

      Even from SE Asia, with zero access to the game, l sensed he was playing down Love’s performance. No worries. Green Bay and their spiffy-new franchise quarterback will be fine. We can meet-up and compare GB/NYJ stats at end of the season. It’s gonna be a hoot.

    • Ryan Malone says:

      Where was that mentality from Colin when Tua had a Defensive minded head coach that mismanaged him for two years?

  4. ChazzyPhizzle1 says:

    Give Jordan more credit. He was impeccable on 3rd and 4th down. He sucked the life out of that stadium.

  5. douglas hagstrom says:

    Colin is brilliant in informing people “ I told you so ” even though he was on the wrong side of the game

    • aaron214 says:

      He is always wrong. In the last few weeks, he picked Lsu to win the natty, Pittsburgh to beat San Fran, Seattle to win the west, hated on Jordan Love for months. Does he even watch football, or just give opinions what his insiders tell him?

    • TRIKK says:

      @aaront2020 … he’s right on the Jordan Love statements.

    • Grant Ritchey says:

      Wrong on every game this week in Blazin 5

    • The Kustms says:

      @TRIKKLove is better than how Colin described him lol. He also said he thinks fields will be good and Love is already better than him after his 2nd start

  6. Kevin Adams says:

    He’ll never admit he’s wrong about Cleveland

    • Randy Kandle says:

      I wouldn’t say never……..
      He will have to be shown how wrong he was repeatedly and resoundingly . He would have no choice. One game in terrible condition will not be enough , but I believe a lot of talking heads will shift grears about how good the browns are in coming months

  7. Paul Third says:

    Good call on betting on the Steelers collin. Such a close game, not a completely obvious difference in team talent at all.

    • Wil says:

      Lol ty, it’s not like they weren’t in the nfc championship last year and added javon hardgrave😂

    • Paul Third says:

      @Wil I’m amazed he doubled down and called the Steelers a top 5 roster. 49ers would have beat them without Bosa.

    • Kane Crouch says:

      In his DEFENSE the better team doesn’t always win because of variables. The fact is nobody knows shit when it comes to sport. We think we do but we don’t collectively. So drop the hindsight bullshit. Go 9ers

    • Paul Third says:

      @Kane Crouch If you want to lump yourself into a “collective that don’t know shit” feel free.
      But if you think someone picking an upset and going against every betting agency & statistic available wasn’t easily predictable and only observable through hindsight I will have to disagree.

    • Frederik Rodriguez says:

      Man if you gambled against the 49ers in full health, you deserve to lose that money

  8. Doug Story says:

    Why can’t you say that Tua is getting better and better, just that the coaches did so well!

    • sidneyke says:

      McDaniels or “coaches” weren’t throwing those nice touch and anticipation passes to a variety of weapons on Sunday. Cowherd sounds sophomoric giving all credit to coaching and none to Tua’s timing and rhythm as well.

    • GalaxyOfBoltz says:

      As a chargers fan I think Tua had a great game and Colin needs to show him more love. I’m 100% happy with Herbert, but y’all should feel happy to have Tua too. He’s a good dude.

    • Krisna Neruda says:

      @GalaxyOfBoltzColin has damn near made me hate Herbert lmao but it’s not his fault so I’m chill

    • GalaxyOfBoltz says:

      @Krisna Neruda Herbert and Tua are going to both have success in the nfl for the next 10 years imo. I was at the chargers dolphins game and had some really nice interactions with phins fans. The hate between fans is always so exaggerated online.

    • Sparks says:

      Because he loves Herbert

  9. matthew davis says:

    Can someone please tell me how good coaching allows a QB to throw for nearly 500 yards lol this man really can’t get over that TUA is franchise QB and not system QB

    • southside tone says:

      All tua gotta do is stay healthy and he can win this division

    • JustSomeGuy says:

      He also wasn’t sold on the Dolphins coach, thought he was odd and geeky. Colins the king of revisionist history.

    • Chris M says:

      Every franchise QB IS a system QB

    • 12gark says:

      The only honest concern with Tua is injury. That said, when he’s healthy, he’s great

    • MrOshea81 says:

      Did you not watch the game? Was Tua standing back there going through progressions across the field, was he fitting it into tight windows, was he throwing guys open, and was Tua avoiding sacks and dropping the ball into the bucket? The answer is NO to all these questions.
      This is how great coaching helps you throw for almost 500yrds.
      Hill was constantly being used in motion pre snap. This helps him get free releases, identifies man/zone alignments, and also post snap it helps guys get open underneath.
      A lot of Tuas targets were quite wide open.
      Also, cannot say he’s not a system QB because we haven’t seen him anywhere else. Right now McDaniels is doing a wonderful job using his best strengths. Helps too when you have the two fastest guys in the NFL.
      That’s how great coaching allows a QB to throw for that.

  10. DeFrost says:

    I believe there’s a huge gap between the niners and Steelers roster. Niners are way better at lb and dl, wr, rb

    • Joe Heasley says:

      At like every position ha. Rb, wr, te, tackle, d line, lbs, secondary maybe no a push

    • Kia Adams says:

      Steelers also suck at QB 😂

    • Alfred Ramirez says:

      Tomlin’s a mediocre coach

    • Bradley Poole says:

      ​@Alfred RamirezI wouldn’t say he’s mediocre what he needs to step away from the style of play from a decade ago which teams aren’t playing anymore that way. More complex offensives and defenses. Pittsburgh has a in the house problem where they don’t really trust anybody coming outside as an offense or defensive coordinator they always promote within which kind of lacks sense cuz it’s the same ones who are coaching now and they’ll get promoted 2 years from now and have that same mentality that the cold stay just let go or resign.

    • Samuel Ault says:

      As a 9ers fan they’re probably even on D line with us based off the big 3 of Watt, Highsmith and Heyward. But yeah the 9ers are better at literally every other position group.

      Tomlin is also becoming overrated imo, the Steelers haven’t won a playoff game since Pickett was a senior in HS

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