Khamzat Chimaev on Sean Strickland & reacts to Paulo Costa tweets!

Khamzat Chimaev on Sean Strickland & reacts to Paulo Costa tweets!

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Thanks for watching! – Nina Marie Daniele

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46 Responses

  1. Sleepless Specter says:

    Surely the “Smesh or Pass” segment won’t be used out of context for the rest of Khamzat’s career 😂

  2. LX Media Network says:

    I haven’t even watch this interview yet, and I’m already laughing. Hats off to Nina for getting the best out of Khamzat😂

    • tom barrett says:

      I want to agree with you but before watching how do you know she got the best out of him imo he was pretty reserved. She is just a breath of fresh air for us fans who are sick of the ABC questions/answers that pro athletes/fighters are asked and the generic response they are told to give.

    • Patric S. says:

      same same

    • clk says:

      idk about that chief it’s like the pereira interview you can’t get much words out of them

  3. Parkerinho says:

    I smiled during this entire interview. Nina does a great job and Khamzat is just naturally funny.. Keep it up!

  4. Ron Burgandy says:

    I actually think this was her hardest interview yet… He was either struggling with the weight cut or uncomfortable bc he was in a different mindset, but as usual Nina did a great job!

  5. rgb says:

    4:25 Respect. What happens in the gym stays in the gym. Khamzat is a man of the people ❤

  6. B. Herzsprung 2020 Remaster says:

    Ninas empathy for these guys helps so much to find their funny side cause Nina just flows with them, kind of empowers them, makes them feel good, giving presents… Its so beautiful the way she helps us see these guys so human and funny although they seem so socially uncomfortable. A very unique skill for the MMA community. I wish Nina all the best to become
    successfull with her work

    • BenGSynth says:

      That’s high emotional intelligence. Women have that ability of being able to adopt to people.

    • Nina Drama says:

      AYYYYYYY!!! that is so nice of you to say! thank you so much! wow i really appreciate the kind words and love, thank you. i hope to keep growing and getting better for you guys, i have a long way to go!

    • Marc Taylor says:

      I love the adding gifts part. Reminds me of Nardwuar & it really can break down walls imo

    • SleevelessAce_VH says:

      lol pretty sure everyone already sees them being so human, if your a fan of the ufc.. but for the casual viewer yeah , but i do like ninas interviews her and sean should do a podcast

  7. Dare Mate says:

    Nina just has such a way of humanizing fighters. I kinda just saw khamzat as an emotionless John wick killer before this. Turns out he likes borgurs. Tight.

  8. The Realist says:

    The first “smash” on Strickland was perfect 😂

  9. L96A2Recon says:

    Nina has a way of disarming fighters and get them to be more honest with the interview. We actually get to see a side of khazmat that isn’t that ridiculous killer sambo boogey man he shows off in pressers

    • TmM_24 says:

      I think it’s because she is cute. I don’t just mean in the way of looks, her behaviour and personality. She seems like a nice person. I think it would be difficult not to be nice to her.

    • John Nguyen says:

      She wouldn’t be popular if it weren’t for her looks

    • L96A2Recon says:

      @John Nguyen that’s definitely not true.
      she ofc is pretty but her questions while simple are silly and fun that many mma fighters I would presume would take it as a breath of fresh air. Many of her interviews shows that she has great intelligence and love for the sport such as her understanding of the world in the last Sean Strickland interview.

      But I get it, mma is a male dominated sport both for the athletes and spectators so that has a set of preconceived bias.

    • OddManOut says:

      He’s not Sambo, he’s Swedish wrestling mostly. He literally only competed in Sambo four times and smashed everyone each time.

  10. Sports Fan_91 says:

    He can be cocky but his answer about 1-10 says a lot. His coach definitely keeps him in check

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