My Birds Laid Eggs…

My Birds Laid Eggs…

Ari and Tofu laid eggs. I am in shambles with the weight of responsibility and humanity I am now burdened with. Life and death are now a mere concept, what is reality. I love having birds so much oh they’re just so great 😀

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37 Responses

  1. @jaidenanimations says:

    Check out the Scribble After Dark tour!! Grab tickets here 🙂

  2. @Berd says:


  3. @amber-dk5ud says:

    As a bird nerd tm, thank you so much for not trying to raise those eggs! The amount of birds with serious health issues or premature deaths I’ve seen simply because they were raised by underqualified individuals is crazy. Choosing to not allow those eggs to hatch is extremely responsible.|
    For future reference and those who may be going through similar, please do choose to either smash or boil the eggs. Frozen eggs can actually still develop, rarely but possibly, when unfrozen!

  4. @inste10300 says:

    This scare seems like a good enough reason to get Ari dna tested, just for the peace of mind. Also get open shelving so there’s nowhere to hide

    • @mysticfox9718 says:

      I remember in one of Jaiden’s videos. About the bird gender testing blood draw was like $12 or something. So it’s not a bad price for that. So maybe it would be a good idea. But that’s Jaiden chance

    • @santiagobenitez7269 says:

      I mean, it’s a fair point but the birds can still lay the eggs even being two females lol

    • @willowbird says:

      @@santiagobenitez7269 it would most likely just be to ensure no future accidental eggs have any birds in them
      It would just remove that anxiety and only having to focus on making sure they don’t nest

  5. @_.beau._ says:

    other bird owners: “aww, that would be fun with more birds!”
    jaiden: “if i get more birds, ill unlock alcoholism”

    • @livelife_kingsize says:

      Imagine having 2 troublesome toddlers that never grow up, and then having (possibly) 8 babies that will turn into troublesome toddlers that never grow up

  6. @nobuffer101 says:

    Going so far to have a secret room?

    Honestly… that’s a pretty wholesome relationship for Ari and Tofu.

  7. @I-Need-You-Tonight says:

    As a former bird parent, you did everything right! The fake eggs are the perfect way to prevent babies while also keeping tofu happy.

  8. @victorydoesfail3370 says:

    the fortune tellers saying jaiden would have 3 kids is suddenly making a lot more sense.

  9. @ShortehJordeh says:

    “My birds *accidentally* laid eggs *without my consent* “ Ah yes, truly a Jaiden moment.

  10. @blackstarlight17 says:

    I’ve heard a way you can check the eggs if they’re fertilized, in case Tofu lays eggs again, I believe you can hold a flashlight up behind the egg and see inside to see if anything is developing or not. It might make it easier how to handle them than feeling so uncomfortable of what to do with them.

    Also, with how chaotic Ari and Tofu are, you should consider putting a camera in their containment room to see what chaos they do. Especially if they go on another egg laying session. You can see if they made another secret nest as well as monitor them to make sure there aren’t complications.

    While not birds, i do have cats, and they are handfuls. My older cat, Lester, tried to take out my computer monitor while I was getting settled to eat dinner. Barely saved it. That little behemoth is currently passed out on my lap in bed. My other cat, Munchkin, is equally passed out beside me, next to the heater.

    • @stellarmay7911 says:

      You sure can check if they’re fertilised! If she waited quite a while before taking away the eggs, a fetus could’ve already started developing. When I used to help feed chickens at my aunts house, they would occasionally check on the eggs where a rooster had been present so they could incubate them. They would literally just hold a flashlight up to the bottom of the egg and you could see everything inside!

    • @louzo5175 says:

      cat that chose to be a gremlin is entertaining when i watch from the sidelines XD

    • @nevaansbooks2078 says:

      I believe she also has a cat(or had as of the time of the subathon) named Tostada.

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