KSI Meet My Cat

KSI Meet My Cat

EASY – KSI, Bugzy Malone, R3HAB

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32 Responses

  1. RyanTyanMyan says:

    JJ loving cats was something I least expected in 2023 but here we are.

  2. parknochuism says:

    the way we can never fault JJ when it comes to pets, the love he has to give is endless 🥺

  3. Specks says:

    Seeing JJ being that soft towards cats for a couple mins is the weirdest thing. I’m not used to it

  4. Juju says:

    Its so cute how JJ’s inner child always jumps out whenever he talks about his pets

  5. Aidan Fredbear says:

    JJ being respectful to ricegum and having no hate to him even after all that beef is admirable

  6. William Lycke says:

    omg my heart is melting seeing jj talk to his cat, that’s adorable I love it

  7. Rose Anya says:

    I love how jj gets a cat that acts like a dog but Simon gets a dog that acts like a cat, the simulations fucked

  8. william Larsen says:

    It was never pointless JJ because you finally got to prove how good you’ve become by fighting someone at little more dangerous than swarz, peneda and temper. Thank you for the continued inspiration that you give your fans each and everyday😁❤

  9. David Torres says:

    For me the event wasn’t a waste of time or money. I flew to London to watch you and Deji fight with my own eyes. It was one of my best nights since covid and it was worth every penny. You also proved to everyone that you’re the better boxer even if it was a no contest. Thank you for an amazing event!

  10. Leena M says:

    It’s adorable and heartwarming to see JJ turn into such a loving cat person 🥹

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