Las Vegas mom hid note in daughter’s sock to alert police, lawsuit says

Las Vegas mom hid note in daughter’s sock to alert police, lawsuit says

The family of 4-year-old Mason Dominguez has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against ex-boyfriend Brandon Toesland. FOX5’s Drew Andre shares the new details surrounding Mason’s death.

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40 Responses

  1. Ray Ogura says:

    Put this guy in general population. Inmates will take care of him really good.

    Rest in peace little one. Your mom and sister are safe.

    • lxryb 8 says:

      @Lunar Surface he made no sense smh haha

    • Little Timmy says:

      @Lunar Surface I think “learn to speak” was perfect. I’m pretty sure that guy’s brain only works on the dark side of the moon.

    • mr._durden_ says:

      @the.nosizwe i did 4 years, inmates have kids, wives, families, etc. dudes like that get killed or wind up in P.C. That sh1t don’t fly. Don’t think just cause they’re in with felons they’re in with their kind, that’s stupidity. You are simpler than he is thinking like that.

    • John Jaso says:

      @Nina Rosado stay out of our news.

  2. Latrecia Liddell says:

    Thank God the mom asked for help and the teachers helped. It takes a Village to raise children. We all need to intervene. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is very tragic.

    • Vixxxen Foxxx says:

      It’s better to be wary & wrong than be right & do nothing. A lot of people brush off reporting suspected child abuse or abuse of any kind but I encourage all to always report it, even if you only have the slightest knowledge or smallest suspension.
      As an abused child myself (sex trafficked from age 6-17) I wished someone would have reported the obvious signs. As an adult now I realize just how many didn’t care enough to make a simple phone call. I refuse to be one of those people.

    • Vixxxen Foxxx says:

      @sam thai obviously a far better one than the village of idiots that raised you

    • Lisa Manson says:

      Thank God she put her child in a position to be abused. That, Is what your thanking GOD for.

    • sam thai says:

      What village raised you? The oompah loompahs?

  3. Mel Y. says:

    So sad. I pray for this family and the child lost in this tragedy. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    • Marcus Linton says:

      ​@Santos Banuelos Right? Their god doesn’t even step in to stop thousands of their holiest priest representatives from raping children, they sure don’t care about some random civilian doing it.

    • Marcus Linton says:

      @William Elliott Which god? There are so many, you really should be specific.

    • Santos Banuelos says:

      @ prayers are a complete waist of time obviously no divine intervention to help the poor child

    • William Elliott says:

      @Marcus Linton I am sure those are the words you will use when bowed before GOD

    • Marcus Linton says:

      Little late for prayer, isn’t it? Silly religitards.

  4. Sweetheart11 says:

    You might be wondering why she couldn’t get help sooner, but these type of man can trap and terrify a woman to death. She was probably very scared he’d kill her daughter too. Please don’t blame this mother, she sent the note and wanted help. She and her daughter are probably both suffering from terrible PTSD as well as deep sadness abd depression over the tragic death of her son. These situations can be horrifying and terrifying, if you haven’t been in it, try not to judge. It’s easy to think what you would’ve done, but hindsight is always 20/20. Prayers for this mother and her daughter 🙏💖🙏💖🙏 They deserve help, love and support.

    • SunshineStateOfMind says:

      @J Laffs You are correct. And tomorrow in the news will be the same story else, where women chose to sleep with toxic men at the expense of their children.

    • SunshineStateOfMind says:

      It’s her fault for making the decision to move in with him, and the first date months or years ago should have told her everything about the guy. But she probably chose to ignore those flaring red flags and be with him. She made a choice to bed with him, I doubt he forced her. A lot of women do this at the expense of their children, and now this happens.

    • Lisa Manson says:

      Depends.. “these type of men” do this horrible crap to “those kind of ladies” that allow it. And before you jump on the defense, i have most certainly been one of those ladies. Not with a child. That mothering instinct is stronger, or should be than any man.

    • C Mont says:

      @J Laffs until you walk in her shoes 👟👟👟👟👟, you must be a nice person who would never hurt someone, or been in her position , thankfully, for some they get so messed up by the abuse that they just can’t think straight ….

    • J Laffs says:

      The woman could have left that abuser long before her son died. It pretty much is her fault for not leaving him and allowing the abuse to continue. She wasn’t in her right mind.

  5. Janelle Marie Clark says:

    This is why my focus is on my son as single mom. He has always been my priority. I was in an abusive relationship and that made me wise up real quick that I will not ever put myself in that situation again. No relationship should become more important that being a mother and protecting your children. Red flags start early in abusive relationships.

  6. Anais Martinez says:

    Wow so much anxiety watching this and what a brave little girl.

  7. Maddie Adams says:

    Very sad story. Very sad how many don’t believe her story.

    • J Laffs says:

      Believe what story? She could have left him far before things got ugly. Or if she ignored all the times he was gradually being worse, than that’s on her. It doesn’t just start off like that. She could have done more.

    • Natural Kinks says:

      So basically she was sliding down the pole of her dead husbands friend? After he died they got into a relationship? They were probably already messing around be his death. I wonder how he died. Maybe they should investigate that too. 🤔🤔🤔

    • DdaHienster N says:

      @batchagaloopyTV Great that he’s not the baby’s daddy. Sounds like he’s the boyfriend of woman, nonetheless…point being… they were in a relationship, and what did the boy do to deserve such punishment/ tragic ending??

    • batchagaloopyTV says:

      @DdaHienster N he not tha baybay daddee

  8. H C says:

    This is why I didn’t start dating until my daughter was older. Her father passed before she was born, and though I hoped any man I dated would have a good heart (obviously wasn’t on the prowl for a bad boy or bad influence for my kid) but you just NEVER know what someone is capable of until you’ve known them for a long time. My current partner and I are just now really talking about moving in together, and that’s after 5 years and my daughter now being in middle school. Your child is your most important job. It’s terrifying. Hope she and her daughter are able to heal and are able to surround themselves with good men so her daughter doesn’t get roped into the same pattern. Parents, raise your boys to be gentlemen. And raise your daughters to be thoughtful partners, but to stand up for themselves. Rest In Peace sweet boy 🙏🏼

  9. AVIenna K Dub says:

    Very proud of this little girl for being so brave for her mother and her brother 🙏🏽

  10. Fulani Child says:

    We spend a lot of time discussing victims of domestic abuse, but how much is known about abusers? What makes a person go off the rails like this and think it’s okay or enjoyable to control and abuse another person? It’s very abnormal. I suppose psychologists are studying this but you don’t hear about it.

    • 🌺 Sidewalk Surf says:

      They don’t go off the rails like anything, they are raised off the rails. RESPECT AND PRIORITIZE YOUR CHILDREN PEOPLE

    • Official OGYoungen says:

      Men that abuse children or women have either been abused or sexually abused when they were young. To hide their pain and still have a “macho” personality they go and abuse people they see weak. Hope this dude gets what he deserves.

    • Uncapabrew says:

      PS Look at how woman are treated Islam countries That is some sick sheet! And the men feel that abuse is perfectly normal As much as to accept killing the woman if they feel she shamed family. Third world countries Raping children and that’s OK – 🤔🧐🧐 NOT!

    • C says:

      @acordilia tf? That has 0 to do with what I have said 😂religion has literally started wars participated in genocide and land theft. Rise above that 😩

    • Uncapabrew says:

      Happens MORE than most Know!

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