LASK vs. Liverpool: Extended Highlights | UEL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

LASK vs. Liverpool: Extended Highlights | UEL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

A powerhouse Liverpool look to rebuild in Europe after a frustrating campaign, startig with Lask and young American George Bello standing in their way.

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37 Responses

  1. абвгдђежзијклљмнњопрстћуфхцчџш says:

    That footwork by Salah, what an absolute star player

  2. Huyle18 says:

    at least for half the match The Lask players and fans got a taste of glory. They played very well that first half and deserve to hold their heads high even if they lost the match.

    • Mr Bubbles says:

      Nothing but respect for them.

    • sicfrynut says:

      their (Lask) goal was well played. beautiful shot. nearly stopped the penalty kick. in the end, Mo Salah shows not only how good a player he is, but classy as well for playing out his contract and not going saudi football.

    • Huyle18 says:

      @sicfrynut man I would not be mad at all of Salah stopped scoring and just assisted every game. He has some of the most beautiful assist Ive seen lately.

  3. Igor Tolstov says:

    Klopp on the mission to turn every midfielder into a right back

  4. Nick Wilkins Music says:

    gotta love seeing nunez score, hes a baller for sure. I really don’t understand why Liverpool can’t seem to stop conceding first goals in their matches though, its been a trend for at least the past year or more

  5. Chilltopia says:

    Bro Salah always proves his quality

  6. Abdisamad Ahmed says:

    Well played LFC thanks for the fast uploads CBS ✍🏾

  7. SportsFanatic says:

    Salah is pure class

  8. Chidi Onwuka says:

    Liverpool does not disappoint in conceding first. It’s a problem

    • Heavens Hound says:

      you don’t say that for man city who’ve conceded first a few times recently and did it against red star, low IQ attempts to make an issue of the tactics

  9. Make it Rain says:

    Disappointing for Harvey Elliott on that last goal but Mo Salah is just to good!

    • NotSoLiberal says:

      Not sure what he was whining about

    • Make it Rain says:

      @NotSoLiberal what do you mean lmaoo. He was probably upset that he didn’t get what would’ve been his 1st goal in Europe when Salah could’ve easily passed it to him for a completely open net

    • NotSoLiberal says:

      @Make it Rain Salah works for Liverpool, not for Harvey Elliot’s FC. He found an opportunity and seized it and scored, that’s what matters. And it wasn’t an open pass. He had a defender with him and the goal keeper could’ve stretched his leg to stop it

    • Make it Rain says:

      @NotSoLiberal you’re not watching the same game as the rest of us my boy lol

    • Da Silva Surfer says:

      @NotSoLiberalbro if salah missed that shot, he would’ve been flamed by everyone. Sometimes salah is lowkey selfish can’t lie

  10. Derin Alemdar says:

    Nuñez and Salah are like lions on a hunt for a deer in the attack. Just world clas!

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