Learning How to Speedrun Mario Odyssey in 1 Week

Learning How to Speedrun Mario Odyssey in 1 Week

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THANK YOU TO @Tomshiii, @Smallant, AND @Tyron18 FOR HELPING ME!!!
➤ Tyron’s 56:55 WR: https://youtu.be/D4t8qXh0rDQ
➤ Tomshiii’s Beginner Guide: shorturl.at/oqNOS

➤ Cjya’s Personal Best: https://youtu.be/f75lGzxmH8s
➤ Odyssey Hide n Seek (featuring me!!!!): https://youtu.be/N1W1sjWh8Nw

➤ https://pastebin.com/M1RahXnm

➤ Crystel: http://twitter.com/crystei

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31 Responses

  1. Mohamed says:

    What’s even more impressive than any speedrun is my man’s glow up

  2. NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip says:

    I love how Jacob went from speedrunning Huniepop in 2021 to speedrunning Mario Odyssey, impressive story arc

  3. eman27 says:

    i really love the idea of like a group of people all picking a game theyve never played and having a speedrun competition for like 2 weeks to a month to learn the game and see who can do the best

  4. Red Earth says:

    Still havent touched this game but the speedruns are like happiness being pumped directly into my brain.

    • Andrei Naf says:

      Im too young for to get a job so i only buy games that are cheap/online so i will play for a long time and i have sooo many expensive single player games to play after i can get money for them

  5. The E21 says:

    The speedrunning is impressive and all but I’m also still a little blown away by how good Alpharad is at telling a story

  6. GioDae says:

    Damn speedrunning this game must be insane if it takes 1 week to finish

  7. ODST says:

    This video feels oddly special to me because not only did I discovered this channel through your Odyssey videos, but they also were a huge help during some REAL lows in uni.
    So, I’ll take this chance to thank you for your cotent and the heart you put into all your projects. I hope you the best of lucks going forward 👀💙

  8. V says:

    Alpharad’s mario journey is something I love to see

  9. elea tree zero says:

    Honestly, you livestreaming Snow Dram back in 2020 does NOT feel like it was that long ago. and that scares me.
    And also as someone who discovered your content through (specifically) Super Mario Party Hard Mode Challenge Road, and have watched both of your supercuts for Mario Odyssey over hundreds of times, I am so glad to see you enjoying yourself with renewed vigor for speedrunning this masterpiece of a game.

  10. sheena dictator says:

    Wow! Not only is this a very entertaining and engaging video to watch. This video is a masterful example of showing what it’s actually like to learn. Like you showed yourself failing so many times, but also explained what you were learning and doing to keep progressing, and then to see you still had other set backs but still progressing was still really neat.

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