The Beatles – Now And Then (Official Audio)

The Beatles – Now And Then (Official Audio)

Now and Then’s eventful journey to fruition took place over five decades and is the product of conversations and collaborations between the four Beatles that go on to this day. The long mythologised John Lennon demo was first worked on in February 1995 by Paul, George and Ringo as part of The Beatles Anthology project but it remained unfinished, partly because of the impossible technological challenges involved in working with the vocal John had recorded on tape in the 1970s. For years it looked like the song could never be completed. But in 2022 there was a stroke of serendipity. A software system developed by Peter Jackson and his team, used throughout the production of the documentary series Get Back, finally opened the way for the uncoupling of John’s vocal from his piano part. As a result, the original recording could be brought to life and worked on anew with contributions from all four Beatles. This remarkable story of musical archaeology reflects The Beatles’ endless creative curiosity and shared fascination with technology. It marks the completion of the last recording that John, Paul and George and Ringo will get to make together and celebrates the legacy of the foremost and most influential band in popular music history.

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32 Responses

  1. ChippyGaming says:

    Such a beautiful final song, we’re really lucky to be able to hear this after nearly 50 years

  2. Manuel Morillo says:

    Powerful and Emotional. I’m really glad that I’ve lived long enough to hear and experience this with all of you collective Beatle’s fans worldwide.

  3. Jeremy Naylor says:

    My dad was dying, a huge Beatles and Lennon fan, my last words do him on Friday was to see if he could hold on a few more days to hear this song. He passed hours after I left. Listening to this song today, for that moment with this message, it’s absolutely perfect. Thank you.

  4. 3echo0 says:

    Teary eyed! It is incredible to hear John, Paul, George and Ringo playing together again, and to be here for the release. Massive respect to everyone who worked on this. Such a beautiful track!! ❤

  5. Bobby Jenkins says:

    Insane to be able to hear this absolutely beautiful song. A recording that spans six decades from the vocals made in the 1970s, mixed with playing from the 1990s and then finished in the 2020s. The Beatles are truly magical. Thank you John, George, Paul and Ringo.

  6. Gio A says:

    I’m so glad that I was able to see the final Beatles song released in my lifetime. This song is so beautiful, especially Paul singing backing vocals behind John. It’s so touching to see John and Paul sing one last song together.

  7. elmundoDKBza says:

    The Beatles making history again.

  8. Beatlesoldier𖤐 says:

    Vocês, meninos de liverpool.. Vocês foram e são incríveis

  9. Jane Linton says:

    Wow this is just fantastic, to hear them altogether singing again is just WOW, brought a tear to my eyes. Thank you for persisting to get it right Paul and Ringo. The Fab 4 together one last time. ❤❤❤❤

  10. David Sánchez Tost says:

    😭😭😭😭😭 la última canción de los Beatles, quién lo diria, que estaba guardada en el baúl de los reguerdos, estoy seguro de que Paul y Ringo, aún tienen nostalgia de los Beatles, ya que en solitario, no han tenido el éxito esperado, y es una realidad, aunque pasen muchos millones de años los Beatles siempre serán eternos, los 4 de Liverpool, muchas gracias Paul y Ringo por dar un último homenage a los Beatles enseñando su ultima canción de estudio 👏👏👏👏👏👍

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