Manchester United v. Nottingham Forest | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/27/2022 | NBC Sports

Manchester United v. Nottingham Forest | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/27/2022 | NBC Sports

Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Fred all found the net as Manchester United rolled to a comprehensive win against Nottingham Forest. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManUnited #NottinghamForest
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Manchester United v. Nottingham Forest | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/27/2022 | NBC Sports

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40 Responses

  1. I Enjoy Bees says:

    Solid finish by Fred but they should have acknowledged Casemiro’s role in that goal a bit more. Reading the interception, his first touch and then threading/weighting the pass perfectly was amazing to watch

    • matt gehrke says:


    • I Enjoy Bees says:

      @Salvador Salvattore My girlfriend is Honduran and we watched pretty much every WC match with Spanish speaking commentators. I think they’re a lot more analytical and the least biased. I kind of expected them to be more biased in the final between France and Argentina but they were keen to point out when Argentina would flop. (GF pointed out because most of the channels in the US are Mexican owned so they might be bitter 😂)

    • Salvador Salvattore says:

      In the Spanish version, the commentators acknowledged his reading of the game, alertness, and the influence he has throughout the game. Proper recognition unlike these ones.

    • Cameron Walker says:

      Amazing play by Casemiro. his role in the team is as influential as Erikson or any attacker

    • I Enjoy Bees says:

      @Rama The commentators

  2. dau1024 says:

    That predicted starting lineup was waaaay off 🤣🤣 You could tell Howard was saying WTF inside his head as he was reading it out

  3. James Puffer says:

    After years of mismanagement and utter fuckery, ETH looks to be the best signing United has had in a long time.

    Team seems to be more or less firing on all cylinders, and while there’s still room for improvement, it’s a far sight better than it has been.

    Garnacho looks to be a revelation, can’t wait to see more of that kid. His positioning is intuitive and his footwork is incredible.

    • Paul Leal says:

      Agree with you guys. I would have liked to see Brandon Williams and Daniel James firing on those cylinders LWB RWB positions.

    • Dr. Fred says:

      Guys like Fred Mctominay DVB and AWB who people were ready to give up on are stepping into new roles and no they are not superstars but as you said all cylinders are firing and its great to see

  4. Chris Gavidia says:

    5:55 De Gea will use anything but his hands. What a legend

  5. Sam says:

    Oh my god Casemiro is RIDICULOUSLY good. Absolutely world class player, one of the best midfielders in the PL

  6. Kevin Guy says:

    AWB looks so much more comfortable on the better and better technically. Not sure how he will be under pressure yet and I don’t think he’s on Dalots level yet, but if he keeps improving and shows it against a bigger team then I think he can actually become a good starter for them because he can defend well

    • eddyvideostar says:

      @Edward Collins: I like AWB: But I’ve heard Mark G, not speak highly of him, saying that ETH doesn’t want him.
      I am not sure if there have been any psychological skirmishes between them, which is why MG is saying this.

    • Edward Collins says:

      Two things: Either he has and will elevate himself to being a proper squad/rotation type player, OR, he will increase his value to the point where we can recoup enough money to either help buy a striker or a squad defender to replace him.

    • abnerx6 says:

      @Ernesto Gasullashut up awb better

    • Colton Privett says:

      @zach sutton I feel like this could be related to AWB playing as a striker for the majority of his life, then later moving to RB

    • Ernesto Gasulla says:

      Wan Bissaka is not fit for a top team. If you want United to be a contender again, he has to stay on the bench or get a transfer.

  7. Raphael says:

    This is the most i’ve seen wan-bissaka get forward. He actually looks comfortbale attacking and crossing the ball as to before. Seems like eth is having an effect on him as well

  8. fredo says:

    If Rashford can maintain his post World Cup drive, I think he’s gonna have a mad season

  9. Kids says:

    Luke Shaw was amazing at cb And also wan bissaka for his confidence

  10. Miguel Miranda says:

    Rash ford finallly finding his confidence back 🤩

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