Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion | Fight | Disney+

Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion | Fight | Disney+

In one month, the invasion is here.

Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion starts streaming June 21 on Disney+.

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45 Responses

  1. James M says:

    I like that this looks more serious than some of the other Marvel shows.

  2. Singh apwin Sandhu says:

    *I love when Marvel leans onto these serious matter, the gritty action sequences, the politics within the MCU. That’s why for me Winter Soldier and Civil War were so different than the rest. And hopefully Fury doesn’t die!!*

  3. DoomBlazer says:

    Potentially the best MCU show right here

  4. Milkias Samuel says:

    Really love the spy espionage approach they’re taking with this show, because it really elevates the tension of the situation and adds a lot more suspense and implications, and even though I don’t mind the original story, I wasn’t a big fan of how it never really dived too deep into the dark implications of Skrulls hiding as humans and heroes, and instead just fight than really go through then questions and some of the consequences which this show really seems to go deep into.

  5. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Hopefully we will see agent may, agent coulson and Daisy Johnson!!! We need the agents of shield back!!!!

  6. ANTZ says:

    This looks so cool I’m happy nick fury’s getting his time to shine

    • The "Phenomenal Protect1on" says:

      The reason why Fury gets wanted is because of Skrull’s enemy invasion not the government that’s why he’s getting blame and didn’t shows up in any superheroes initiative

  7. Matias Rocha says:

    The cinematography , the tone , the spy vibes . Everything looks awesome , I can’t wait to watch this show . Secret Invasion is going to be a great hit 👏👏👏 .

  8. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Finally a more mature and serious Marvel TV Show, I can’t wait to discover it.

    • Unknow says:

      Its TV-14 just wait for episode to drop sometimes trailers may show dark serious like moon knight then turned into goofy comedic.

    • Aninass says:

      @Unknow Secret Invasion will also have goofy comedic scenes throughout.

    • Unknow says:

      @Aninass yeah there was from Previous trailer or Tv spot was, FBI series has Better Dark Serious Barely jokes.

    • Tello Serif says:

      Which show wasn’t mature?

    • ModdedInkling says:

      ​@Tello Serif Pretty much everything besides maybe TFatWS and What If…?’s Zombies episode.

      Now, if you talk about the non-Marvel Studios shows, all of them were pretty mature.

  9. Mohamad Mirza says:

    The promo didn’t have to go that hard 🔥🔥🔥

    • Euric Santi says:

      they need redemption.

    • Mohamad Mirza says:

      @Euric Santi Yeah, If this show turns out incredible like GOTG 3 or even better, then phase 5 is looking promising!!

    • toshtao1 says:

      @Mohamad Mirza I’m sick and tired of this “Phase” bulls**t. In Phase 3 Marvel were just lucky to have a bunch of good movies in a row.

    • ez says:

      @toshtao1 yeah, movies now a days are a hit or miss, and each person has their different taste and feel to them. With new characters being introduced and all that, it wont be the same as old marvel so people got to accept that

    • toshtao1 says:

      “Old” Marvel is the same as “Current” Marvel. The only difference is there hasn’t been any Avengers movies since Endgame to tie everything together.

  10. Torment says:

    I like how terrifying that skrull looks in that one shot, it shows that they obviously aren’t a big deal to a superhero but to a normal person? It highlights how scary the MCU would be to somebody on the ground.

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