Zoro Defeats King | One Piece

Zoro Defeats King | One Piece

Episode 1062: Zoro finally takes down King! Watch One Piece on Crunchyroll! https://got.cr/cc-op1062

Monkey. D. Luffy refuses to let anyone or anything stand in the way of his quest to become the king of all pirates. With a course charted for the treacherous waters of the Grand Line and beyond, this is one captain who’ll never give up until he’s claimed the greatest treasure on Earth: the Legendary One Piece!

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44 Responses

  1. Compucles says:

    Zoro sure has come a long way. Imagine someone watching this episode who has only seen up to Zoro’s battle against Mihawk in the East Blue.

  2. Ran says:

    King and Zoro proved why they deserve to be the right hands

  3. Maximum Cockage says:

    I feel like this is the biggest fight Zoro has had since Daz Bones back in Alabasta. Had to master a new ability and put his life fully on the line just to damage his enemy even and came out way stronger. During Daz Bones he went to the league of people who could cut steel and use Ryuga, now he’s in the league of the few people who have mastered attacking with King’s Haki.

    • incognito says:

      With Daz Bones, Zoro was hanging on by a thread. Here, he won pretty decisively. Didn’t get cut up too much, blocked nearly everything to a degree, and didn’t lose too much blood. His big struggle was controlling Enma. Not to discount the fight, because it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, but the 1v1’s post-time skip haven’t been as dangerous as pre-time skip, with some exceptions. Zoro getting stronger during this fight was reminiscent of his early fights, which I really liked.

    • Gabi GG says:

      ​​@incognito It would be a better comparison when they were fighting kaido and Big mom and zoro blocked for a brief moment their dual attack, all his Bones were Broken xD

    • RJ MacReady says:

      Zoro essentially hasnt been tested post time skip. I dunno why oda turned it into easy mode for him, he had some banging fights back in the day where he barely edged out a win

    • Ace P says:

      @RJ MacReady except kaido there wasn‘t really one tough opponent for zoro, maybe King now but that was without his bones broken and controlling Emma not really the real deal..

    • Magic X Football says:

      ​@RJ MacReady fax pre time skip used to keep u on ur toes,now it’s just waiting for luffys crew to deliver the final hit to send them of the map,it’s just u know they’re going to win and there’s no other outcome

  4. Formal HoLo says:

    This episode really made you feel like seeing either one of them lose would make you feel upset, but still, this whole fight was a like a boss battle and the animation was crazy as hell!🔥🔥🔥

    • HeroricSpirit Freinen says:

      “seeing either lose would make you feel upset”
      Uh no. King is literally helping kaido enslave Wano dude…

    • sean oconnor says:

      @HeroricSpirit Freinen bruh i didnt want to see king lose either so badass

    • Chris Barnes Barnes says:

      ​@HeroricSpirit Freinen despite that you can’t help but love king loyalty. He saved his life and gave him purpose. King will do anything for kaido.

    • MagnificentBananaButter says:

      Seen a lot of anime and this honestly might be the best animation I’ve seen

    • RDEMON26 says:

      Nah I wanted Zoro to pack that boy up but I could feel sympathy.

  5. Chelsea4Life says:

    Hands down the best fight so far. I can’t imagine what gear 5 will look like

  6. willis amak says:

    The size scaling was INCREDIBLE!! Zoro being TOWERED by King, King being TINY compared to his final move is just Jaw Dropping…. Zoro is literally a spec compred to those MASSIVE magma dragons.. oh and the MAGMA DRAGONS, Bravo!!

  7. Brian Kao says:

    The fight. The animation. The single line “I shall become the king of hell”.
    This episode is definitely ONE PEAK

  8. Celia Pham says:

    Just finished the episode and immediately youtube recommended me the last bit of it. Had to rewatch it here too along with the comments. Beautiful episode, animation, voice acting. You can hear that everyone put their all in this episode and I await the continuous future episodes of this arc. Thank you to those who contributes to this episode.

  9. Theoracle123 says:

    It doesn’t feel like king fully knows his own power the same way Zoro does. I think it’s not that zoro is outright stronger than King but judging from the story so far, it seems like he has a lot more battle experience and knowledge due to his training and fights up until now. I think that’s what sets them apart and is the reason for why Zoro’s will is stronger than King’s will. Zoro wants to become the strongest swordsman/king of hell alongside helping Luffy, but King has no personal goal of his own other than to serve Kaido.

    • BK Amon says:

      Well said
      I could seriously this as the case.
      Zoro has been declaring war with the world beside Luffy, he’s trained by the world’s greatest swordsman, and has the inherited will of Ryuma.

      If King had this type of journey development, im sure he’d be more powerful too.

    • JoeLul says:

      yes not just that but also i believe its because his race is so strong that he underestimates how much he should really try. Zoro started with nothing but ambition and was able to climb while king started with crazy powers and durability which supported his strength.

    • React King says:

      Yeah King has greater potential by far but his ambition makes him weaker than zoro. His will isn’t strong enough.

    • The Odd Adventurer says:

      It’s not serving Kaido that’s his goal, it’s serving Joyboy. That was his clan/tribes whole prophecy thing.

    • sam wilson says:

      king was strong from birth he didn’t have to train or anything. imagine if he learned advanced haki from kaido, it would up for everyone

  10. Kratssyba says:

    Zoro vs King for me was one of the greatest battles to ever take place in OnePiece, this battle really made Zoro surpass his limits ❤️🔥

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