I Surprised Brides with their DREAM Wedding Dress *unlimited budget*

I Surprised Brides with their DREAM Wedding Dress *unlimited budget*

Today I am taking 3 subscribers wedding dress shopping! But what they don’t know is I am buying their dress for them.. no matter the price.

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11 Responses

  1. Banyo says:

    With everything going on in the world, I love this. We all need to spread joy to others and have it spread to us. I’m so happy these ladies will have their dresses for free and can use their budget elsewhere and maybe invite a few more people. Congrats to everyone and thank you to Hope for being a positive beacon in this world.

  2. Hailey Robinson says:

    Hope is literally like a fairy godmother she has created some many amazing memories and stories for so many people who deserve it

  3. TwilightPhoenixStudios says:

    I made my own dress to keep costs down, even dresses on Etsy were a bit out of my budget. This is amazing what you did for those three girls Hope! I knew I was gonna cry at the end of the video and boy did I 🥺🥺 YouTube needs more people like you! I started watching with the Collab of you and Safiya and I’m hooked 😁

  4. Madelyn Stallbaumer says:

    I worked as a bridal stylist and I can just say from experience how much a lot of brides worry about the price! This is amazing that Hope was able to give these three beautiful women their dream dress and take away that financial stress! Amazing! ❤️

  5. Joanne Livingston says:

    Seriously made my day. I love how Hope cares about her community and just shares her authenticity with us all. She adds joy and hopefulness to my day and my YouTube feed

  6. Roby Love says:

    This was an incredibly generous thing for you to do, Hope. These brides will all look amazing on their wedding day ❣️

  7. Titans Mum says:

    I remember really clearly falling in love with a dress in a magazine, knowing I could never afford it. While on a business trip I saw a big bridal outlet and went to check it out. They had only had a few choices but one of them was the magazine dress. I tried it on and it was so clearly “the one” and from the outlet it was in my budget. I was so overjoyed. I can only imagine how thrilled these ladies all were. What a beautiful thing to do Hope!

  8. anna lalalalalalalalalalal says:

    I love how hope does fun challenges and gives stuff away to her community without sounding like she is flexing all her money like some other creators. We love you Hope!

  9. Katey Koch says:

    I love that Hope is constantly giving back to her community. She’s so incredibly generous. Weddings are such a stressful and nerve-wracking time, giving back to them like this is so meaningful

  10. Aitherea says:

    This is probably my favorite video that you’ve ever made. Not only was it fun to watch these women try on their dresses, but it was so heartwarming to see them get the dress of their dreams without having to worry about the cost.

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