McDaniels on ejection: ‘I didn’t know Draymond was gonna do all that’

McDaniels on ejection: ‘I didn’t know Draymond was gonna do all that’

Minnesota Timberwolves F Jaden McDaniels gives his thoughts on his ejection against Warriors.
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41 Responses

  1. MasterGaming Nic says:

    Draymond keeps improving his arsenal, very impressive. Went from low blows, to stomps and now a headlock!

  2. Matt S says:

    I’m glad he stood up for himself, even if it ended in a loss I’d have been okay with it

    • kowaikokoro says:

      proud he didnt start swinging, dude strikes me as an hit first ask questions later type

    • Relayzy says:

      Never let anyone punk you no matter what!

    • Doug Keiser says:

      @kowaikokoroyou hear that from the wall in the tunnel

    • Im here for it all says:

      That part. I literally almost posted the same thing without seeing your post. Sometimes in life you may lose the war but the battle is what is most important. Timberwolve player definitely won that battle and has put the rest of the league on notice. We will not be pushed around.

    • kowaikokoro says:

      @Doug Keiser yeah when dude breaks his arm out of straight frustration i dont think putting your hands on him is very wise, luckily dude knew klay was just frustrated from airballing the prior shot

  3. Lee Chang says:

    Just don’t punch the wall. We need you.

  4. Raphael Mapp says:

    Draymond is always gonna “do all that” 😂

  5. jordan carlin says:

    some ppl are funny without trying. u can tell he had a whole lot more to say lol

  6. AntMan🐜 says:

    I love Jaden he just 23, his ceiling as a two player is insane lets go wolves 🩶🐺

  7. CC Last says:

    Jaden the UNBOTHERED KING 👑

  8. Blake Larson says:

    Jaden doesn’t back down. Picked the wrong one

  9. Jared O says:

    Players are pissed they can’t score on Jaden😂

  10. Logan Harrington says:

    Shit got real tonight.. chippy as hell. I’m glad the Wolves didn’t take the bait or allow this incident to break their spirit. Thankful we were able to stand tall late in the game and get that dub! 🙏🏼 let’s keep pushin’ boys, on to the next one.

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