PSG vs Lens | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 04/15/2023 | beIN SPORTS USA

PSG vs Lens | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 04/15/2023 | beIN SPORTS USA

PSG took a giant step towards the Ligue 1 title after defeating Lens with an impeccable performance by Messi and Mbappé.

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35 Responses

  1. V. Katu says:

    PSG, the only big club in Europe who doesn’t play a tactical football despite all the talents. They are too individual. Good performance indeed for today’s match.

  2. Zoe Chuck Nice says:

    What a super passed from Mbappé wow 🔥🔥👏🏼👏🏼

  3. Joseph Antony #Allez Paris 🔵🔴 says:

    Vitinha is a talented player, I’ve seen him at Porto, he just needs to be more confident. Good game from Messi and Mbappe. Fabian is a donkey! If Messi leaves this club needs to start building and thinking better, the planning and transfers in the last 3 seasons have been beyond shambolic!

    • Wissam Yousif says:

      @ChillsandThrills – 悪寒とスリル I was about to cry when he scored and screamed VAMOS what a banger too

    • ChillsandThrills - 悪寒とスリル says:

      Exactly. Anyone who really watched him play at Porto and the Portuguese u21 team could tell you he was lacking confidence. I’m so glad he scored. I literally yelled vamos catalog when he scored😂

  4. Dixie Normus6 says:

    I felt his pain ! That ankle shit hurts your nerves so it hurts for hours 😢😢😢

  5. TurtleLegion94 says:

    Is nobody going to talk about Vitihna’s shot? My oh my, that was hit with both power and precision, the perfect combo for long shots. Kudos to Vitihna!

  6. Adam Productions says:

    That goal by Messi was art

  7. John Lombardo says:

    Congrats mbappe for toppin the charts 👏

  8. Buff Edgar says:

    Fans keep whistling But once Messi Leaves The club Will be dead

  9. D U says:

    The red card really favored PSG today!! But Lens still tried to have a go and we have to respect that!!

  10. WENDYWATCH says:

    This pass reminds me the same of Messi for Mpappe last week

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