The Inside Guys React to Warriors-TWolves Scuffle | NBA on TNT

The Inside Guys React to Warriors-TWolves Scuffle | NBA on TNT

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42 Responses

  1. Al Casu says:

    Shaq and Steve Kerr should run for office. They’re excelling at the “your eyes are wrong, this is what really happened” bs

  2. Yaboi84 says:

    Charles is the only one that is always honest on this show. No agendas, no favouritism, just 100% truth.

  3. Maleth says:

    Charles is the only one brave enough to call it like it is. Shaq is just biased against Rudy.

    • Joshua Kohn says:

      When he denied doing the exact same thing and just hate on draymond? oh wow, so brave to absolve himself from any possible blame and just point the finger at draymond………. no way you this slow right?

    • Kermid34 says:

      @Joshua Kohndo u think draymond had the right to do what he did?

    • Maleth says:

      Obviously a warriors fan getting his knickers in a twist

    • Drew Sanders says:

      ​@kremerm6139 of course he did. Dont grab someone thats not ur friend or teammate in a scuffle. Thats how people get free hits in. Draymond was protecting his teammate. I dont even like Draymond tbh, but Gobert shouldn’t have grabbed Klay.

    • NPI says:

      Rudy grabbed Klay by the neck and didn’t immediately let go like Chucky said but Draymond dragged him away with his rear necked choke

  4. Siseko Ntsaluba says:

    This part shows exactly why we love Chuck more than the others, we know his not Rudy’s biggest fan and Draymond’s mate but he always calls it like it is

  5. Jerry Cole says:

    For once in my life, im defending Rudy. Mans was just holding Klay back trying to break it up like players do all the time😂 one arm over the shoulder, one arm under the shoulder. Shaq bullshitting

  6. steve says:

    Chuck is a man of integrity. He is always say it as it is. Very rare in this world especially on media

  7. Tom says:

    Shaq is hilarious, there’s no way he truly believes what he’s saying 😂

  8. Rainmaker!! _ says:

    Steve Kerr trying to justify Klay and Draymod is just ridiculous

  9. Matt Goldberg says:

    I agree with one of the other comments. I’m a big Steve Kerr fan, but Rudy may have grabbed a little high initially, then instantly released and repositioned his arm around Klay’s waist. Draymond needs a long suspension for his aggressive chokehold.

    As to McDaniels and Klay, I would be okay with either the ejections or single technical fouls on both. It also looked like Klay initiated that little confrontation by first grabbing inside the jersey.

  10. jgcondron says:

    The officials got it 100% right.

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