Meet Ballistic | Apex Legends Character Trailer

Meet Ballistic | Apex Legends Character Trailer

Introducing Ballistic, the ultimate competitor of the original Thunderdome Games who’s come out of retirement to teach these young pups some respect.

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39 Responses

  1. ThunderBlastvideo says:

    The older the legend, the more badass they are

  2. Trev The Artist Official says:

    Imagine coming across a squad with ballistic, ash and revenant. Your going to get tethered, locked out of your abilities, and your weapon is going to over heat😂

    • Weird And Creepy says:

      Just leave the game at that point

    • Archangel8299 X says:

      I like the people saying oh but the wouldn’t work cause you could just use X characters Q. Um pretty sure if you’re hit by revenants silence you aren’t using any Q 😂

    • Aaron Rory says:

      ​@shadowconcierge crazy how tether blocks octanes, ultimate, the jump pad, but horizon, tactical can break free

    • shadowconcierge says:

      @kermm if you get insta downed after getting tether that’s a you issue, play wraith and Q out, or literally any other character with a movement Q

    • OreoKing says:

      Replace ash with Ramparts Ult.

  3. Fan William says:

    Ballistic has the “Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young.” vibe written all over him.

  4. sword0115 says:

    Pathfinder narrating the whole video and explaining ballistic’s abilities is perfect

  5. T.1.0.1 says:

    He is so strong and savage that they needed to present him over a drill beat and in third person.

    • 3laws says:

      ​​@Asian Cajun I can tell you’ve never played high ranks lobbies. Show me clips of a high rank lobby where Ballistic is ruining high lobbies and I’ll give you $69k USD.

    • J says:

      ​@Asian Cajun are you a goober, the datamined version isn’t playable in matches

    • Asian Cajun says:

      They’re trying to be relatable to a certain extent and they know their audience

    • Asian Cajun says:

      Its Because they botched his release, they ended up allowing his data into the game , the hackers data mined it , and was ruining high level rank for a while .

    • Champ says:

      😂😂 facts

  6. R. T. says:

    I really like his passive ability : Never lose ur glasses in battle

  7. Spectenix says:

    I can’t wait to hear the interactions between Pathfinder and Ballistic. I don’t know if they’ll be friends or a one-sided friendship

  8. Damn Awesome says:

    Can’t wait for season 17! Ballistic is just such an awesome character with a really good backstory for why he’s in such a bloodsport

  9. DDDEEJ says:

    Different characters who tie into their lore like pathy should always narrate the character trailer.

  10. Heffing says:

    This character actually sounds super fun to play and will probably be pretty good

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