Melissa Joan Hart helped Nashville kindergartners escape school shooting | Banfield

Melissa Joan Hart helped Nashville kindergartners escape school shooting | Banfield

Melissa Joan Hart helped kindergartners escape their school after a fatal shooting in Nashville on Monday morning. The famous actress and mother was driving by The Covenant School when the tragedy took place. She tells NewsNation host Ashleigh Banfield that this isn’t the first time she and her family experienced a school shooting nearby. 
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36 Responses

  1. Alexander Dumas says:

    She sounds so shaken and she’s an adult who was just driving by, imagine those poor children

    • My Cancer Journey says:

      Thank you so much for your videos! I had a misfortune, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I also created a channel and am trying to move in that direction, but so far not very successful((be

    • Tigerlily81 says:

      The gun violence excusers are strong in this comment section 🙄

    • D says:

      @pamela lima oh, I’m sure they had fear for their own lives. That’s what makes them heroes

    • D says:

      @BeReal Your thinking is shallow, at best.
      She’s a mom, who’s kid goes to the school next door. She’s not that great of an actor. Most humans would be torn up from this.

    • pamela lima says:

      I’m crying for this… little children experiencing this terrifying thing and the brave teachers trying to keep the students safe without fear for their own lives

  2. Casey Avalon says:

    God Bless the men and women who helped those children. God Bless Melissa Joan Hart for being a class act. ❤️

  3. S Massey says:

    Being in one of the office buildings by this school, she speaks truth when she is referencing the woman searching for ways to get to her child. We could all see out our office windows only to see the chaos outside. The horrible part was watching all of the parents rushing towards the school frantically, all the while the ambulances flying past them going in the opposite direction. Such a sad, sad day. My ❤ breaks for those parents.

    • Shy One says:

      I’m in Nashville to about 10 mins away from the The Covenant School. My son is a 2nd grader at a different nearby school. I still can’t believe this happened. Those poor families. 😢

    • Dawn Michelle Seidl Godsey says:


  4. Ellis Burton says:

    Melissa gives such an honest, open and clear account of what happened. Heart goes out to everyone affected by this school shooting. 🙏🏼

  5. Okayishmom says:

    These women were so brave. I can’t imagine feeling this vulnerable. I have a 2yo and day by day I’m being called to homeschool. It’s just so frightening.

    • BriBri804 says:

      @MaRs Oblivi0n you are so far gone. I really hope reality and logic blesses you and blesses you soon.

    • Arizona Lady says:

      ​@MaRs Oblivi0n yes it is. If you are seriously asking this question ask it to yourself first would you run away from a lion prowling around and you have nothing to arm yourself? Or if someone came up to you with a gun straight at your face? It’s hella different

    • Sugar & Spice says:

      Homeschool. It is the parents job to raise, education, and protect their children. You wouldn’t regret it.

    • Christina says:

      @MaRs Oblivi0n Really…that’s your takeaway? How negative. These women were in a very terrifying situation. I absolutely think they were brave because they didn’t just run, as you say. They put their fears for their own lives aside to usher the lives of others to safety. They weren’t running at all! They were saving the kids.

  6. Johnny Dodge Country says:

    Much respect for Melissa and her husband for stepping up and helping out. Situations like this can really take a toll on anybody.

  7. allie cloud says:

    She explained it so well! how insane is it that a teacher ran into open traffic with kids and without looking because “what was in front of her wasn’t as bad as what was behind her”. Also her son having been in 3 school lockdowns due to shootings. THIS is terrible.

    • Charles Eye says:

      @Steve B No, I didn’t. Learn how to read before engaging adults in conversation.

    • Empress Lilith says:

      @angel it’s bad that she’s an actress that just happened to show up at exactly the right time and that I’m making a public observation about it? Why is that bad?

    • Steve B says:

      @Charles Eye you claim that because you haven’t witnessed a school shooting it is suspect that someone else has witnessed more than one. There is no basis in fact for that. YOU should think before you post.

    • angel says:

      @Empress Lilith that’s a bad thing you are saying

  8. Scarlett says:

    It’s really sad that our teachers and kids have to practice drills for shootings when they should be practicing there studies I cried the 1st time my kids came home and said mom we had to learn what to do if something like this ever happens my heart goes out to these families

    • Fuse more says:

      And yet you still send them to school in America. Mm. Couldn’t be me

    • Amarte Asi says:

      Problem is nowadays Americans have been inflicted by serious modern diseases – mental illness & drug dependency. It seems all problems stem from these factors and guns seem to be the answer & solution to every problem.

    • Kenyetta Ready says:

      ​@Jerseymatt848 who the hell is “we”? And technically I agree that this country is reaping what it sowed but it started way before the “they took God out of school” argument. If you wanna get down to the nitty gritty.

    • ErkFX says:

      My wife is a teacher and the drills they had to do earlier this year when students weren’t at school still haunts her. Every time she hears a loud bang (even if it’s someone accidentally dropping a book or a door being slammed) it scares her. I can’t imagine being a kid and knowing how often these things happen and also knowing you have to worry about the possibility of getting shot over the course of the next 10-12 years. Teachers can quit, but kids are stuck unless their parents homeschool them. It’s so sad to even think about.

    • Breeze says:

      Soon it will be bomb drills from WWIII

  9. NaturallySweet Sandra says:

    She is such a beautiful person. It’s just sad. Teachers aren’t paid well and their lives are in danger smh.

    • E. Yasmin says:

      Yes that’s why I left the profession. I started working in schools at 17 and now 32. I loved my kids, I loved changing lives, but it just isn’t solely about that anymore. I’m about to be a mom and I want to be able to be around for my kids and family. I’m always traumatized and wonder when (not if) I’ll be shot down dead by these killers….and for my own sanity I had to leave.

  10. Jack 1D1 PS says:

    I can’t not shed a tear for hearing this from Melissa, it’s heartbreaking to hear but at the same so heroic to know she helped at such an important moment. To all those involved saving those children who survived you have my profound praise for everything you did and my heart goes out to all who lost someone important to you.
    To the officers who took down the assailant, you are true heroes for preventing more bloodshed we need more like you and medals for swift, effective action.

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