Tsunami warning in Japan after strong earthquake | BBC News

Tsunami warning in Japan after strong earthquake | BBC News

Japan has issued a major tsunami warning after a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck the central region.

Residents in the coastal Noto area in Ishikawa prefecture were asked to “evacuate immediately to higher ground,” national broadcaster NHK said.

Authorities have warned of waves as high as 5m in Noto.

They also issued tsunami warnings for neighbouring Niigata and Toyama prefectures, where they said waves could reach 3m.

Public television flashed “EVACUATE” in big letters, urging residents to flee to higher ground despite the winter weather.

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49 Responses

  1. @R4V3-0N says:

    May the people of Japan stay safe and be strong.

  2. @user-gc6pe5cd5h says:

    Electricity, gas, and water have been cut off in the affected areas, and people rely on each other to endure the aftershocks that occur once every three minutes. Japan can bounce back again and again, and that’s how Japan has continued to overcome disasters. If something breaks, we simply rebuild it, making it even stronger and safer. I hope everyone around the world understands the horror of earthquakes and tsunamis.

  3. @user-ln6zp2wp4t says:

    To everyone around the world, thank you for your concern and encouragement regarding the crisis in Japan. It is very encouraging to receive such warm comments; even though we have just entered the year 2024, we have already been hit by calamities. Every time there is an earthquake, I feel grateful for peace. May you all be at peace. From Japan.

  4. @RT-zn9bj says:

    I’m actually visiting Japan right now. We were on a bridge in Kyoto when the earthquake struck, so we only felt a small tremor, but I was horrified to learn that such a massive earthquake hit the western region. Everyone here in Japan is so friendly and duty oriented. They want to do what is right, kind or not. I feel a stronger type of kinship with the Japanese now that I’m here, and it makes things just a bit more real (and sad) to know that the same people that have treated me with so much kindness and respect are now experiencing yet another devastation on their country. May the new year be kinder in the future. This country is beautiful, and it does not deserve the routine destruction from earthquakes and tsunamis.

  5. @seanmeadows129 says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan. Stay safe, stay strong. Love to you all.

  6. @quackmoment says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out for the people in Japan, and the other countries that this impacts. Hope everyone is safe!

  7. @spelbound says:

    Japan is one of the most resilient countries in the world and so are the people. I hope for the safety and strength. Japan, I love you!

  8. @HAPPY_TRIGGER04 says:

    What’s heartbreaking is that so many people on Twitter are begging for help since the fire department can’t reach them quick enough. It’s truly tragic, I hope everyone Is okay

  9. @nekoze3943 says:

    Thank you for the broadcast,BBC! I live in Japan, and I’m really worry about tunami, fire, and aftershock. So, please give us your support, and stay safe!

  10. @IZWriter says:

    Stay strong, Japan. We are with you!

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