Minecraft, But I Can Buy Any Item…

Minecraft, But I Can Buy Any Item…

Minecraft, But I Can Buy Any Item…

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💻 Edited by: https://twitter.com/POSITIVEANGIE

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26 Responses

  1. RageElixir says:

    this challenge is legit! that sponsor was the smartest thing ever 😂🔥

  2. Aaron Howell says:

    him at the start: OMG we bought an ice sword!
    Him in the middle: buying the ice sword was a scam…

  3. Izuku Midoriya says:

    there is only one word which make mr krapps happy:DOLLAR that’s literally it

  4. It'sChunk here says:

    Nestor: we need a sword

    Me: *remembers the hammer does damage*

  5. YugiMoto90- GAMES says:

    Nestor: *gets 2 dollars* OMG I HACE SO MUCH MONEY
    Me: Y- you only have 2 dollars… *chuckles*

  6. Jask says:

    alternant title

    xNestrio is like Jask spending monney instantly

  7. EggZalot Zoya says:

    Nestorio “Might as well can it Minecraft but i go broke video”

    Me: “Well maybe you should save more money”


  8. Daniel Holloway says:

    A wise man once said “we need a notch apple and notch apples are 500 cents and 500 cents are nukes on this channel”

  9. The Salmon_2.0 says:

    Nestorio: “we like nukes on this channel” “Don’t quote me on this”
    Me: why not?

  10. muhammad rayyan fahreza says:

    Nestorio : * sels the emerald *

    Me : *realized trading gives achievment

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