Minecraft Live 2023: Mob vote ahoy!

Minecraft Live 2023: Mob vote ahoy!

Tiny Agnes, Tiny Vu and Tiny Jens are back and they’re on a very important journey to Minecraft Live! Will Tiny Jens’ shortcut work? Will the Tinies make it to Minecraft Live in time? And will they meet some new mobs along the way? Keep your eyes on our YouTube channel, and find out… 
Minecraft Live returns on October 15 at 1pm EDT – with news, sneak peeks, the mob vote, and more! Tune in right here on YouTube, or via Minecraft.net!

Learn more at https://www.minecraft.net

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49 Responses

  1. iDeactivateMC says:

    Vote for the boat!!

    The new boat mob looks amazing!!

  2. Skaareen says:

    “Block-built boats can not sail in-game” makes me want them to do exactly that.

  3. Jeracraft says:

    I was just making a YT short about my guesses for the new Minecraft mobs… but now they’re at sea & it’s got me all confused. 😂

  4. Ethobot says:

    Moo Bloom or Bust, lads.

  5. LordFinn says:

    Aquatic life, flying sea creatures, amphibians? Pirate theme? Adventure? Cute animals above all. It’s all getting more and more intriguing

  6. Emperor Creeper says:

    I’m so excited! It appears that these new mobs will have something to do with an adventure? Maybe something to do with the ocean? Whatever it is I can’t wait!

    • Loran Elson says:

      I’m predicting a sea slug, because they said only cute animals, and sea slugs are literally adorable

  7. ibxtoycat says:

    Interesting that they’re at sea, gets me curious as to what animals we’ll be voting between!

  8. Rays Works says:

    Air, water and island Mobs? Very exciting!

  9. Spark60 says:

    Tiny Jens, Agnes and Vu make an iconic trio.

  10. CDesigner says:

    With this happening on a boat, we’re getting at least 1 aquatic mob. If the other mobs aren’t aquatic, they’ll be stopping onto some islands that have the mobs on it.

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