Christmas update is finally here!

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▪ Edit and Commentary by: https://twitter.com/_Zioles
▪ Blox Fruits Twitter: https://twitter.com/BloxFruits
▪ Blox Fruits Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@bloxfruitsofficials

Song Credits:
Artist: Trial & Error
Vocal: kikyow ( http://kuragemetal.com/ )
Words / Music : Sakagami Souichi ( http://www.tandess.com/music/ )
Kanshou Resistance:

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32 Responses

  1. Andromeda says:

    I think Dough awk and Leopard set the standard for fruit visuals, because these new fruits look crazy, can’t wait for the next updates.

  2. Bib says:

    Someone noticed the sand equiped after spirit?

  3. JulliaStark says:

    Merry Christmas, Thank you all for working so hard you guys are the best. All the things look absolutely amazing, I hope you guys grow more. TY!

  4. Enderman says:

    Time to put full fruit stats for door 😀

  5. Miko Alcazar says:

    ngl I feel like this update is gonna be quite controversial to say the least

  6. xPreame says:

    Eu com door equipado e ainda tendo ela no bau: 🤝

  7. Darkness relegend says:

    For some reason the dev make the trailer better then a real move trailer

  8. P3dr0 says:

    The portal fruit have become my favorite fruit, it’s so beautiful

  9. BrockLee says:

    ngl the door rework is gonna raised the standards for what we finna see in the future yall better do better than dorr next upd and go fucking crazy Luv yall

  10. Evangelos Stavroulakis says:

    I have a question. Do I loose my 2 door fruits in my inventory after the update?

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