Minecraft Manhunt, But Anything I Say Happens…

Minecraft Manhunt, But Anything I Say Happens…

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Minecraft Manhunt, But Anything I Say Happens…

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39 Responses

  1. KIER and DEV says:

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  2. DuckThugLife says:

    This would be so chaotic with the group manhunts.

  3. Maple says:

    I’d love a rematch of this, because there’s a lot of potential

  4. Ka1 says:

    ˚✧₊⁎Kier’s death count⁎⁺˳✧༚

    Kier said “Dead” 1:37
    Kier said “Died” 1:43
    Kier said “Dying” 1:50
    Kier died to Dev 2:02
    Kier said “Dead” 2:05
    Kier said “Dead” 2:52
    Kier died to Dev 4:35
    Kier said “Die” 4:54
    Kier said “Die” 5:14
    Kier said “Die” 5:17
    Kier died in lava 5:41
    Kier said “Dying” 5:44
    Kier said “Dying” 5:49
    Kier said “Die” 6:10
    Kier said “Die” 6:19
    Kier said “Dead” 7:19
    Kier died 8:23
    Kier said “Die” 8:25
    Kier was slain by Piglin Brute 9:42
    Kier was slain by Vex 10:30
    Kier was slain by Vex 10:47
    Kier said “Die” 11:03
    Kier said “Die” 11:10
    Kier said “Die” 16:02
    Kier fell 16:28
    Kier died 16:48
    Kier blew up 17:01
    Kier said “dead” 17:08
    Kier fell 17:10
    Kier was slain by piglin brute 17:31
    Kier was slain by ravager 17:47
    Kier was slain by ravager 18:01
    Kier fell 18:15
    Kier was slain by ravager 18:48
    Dev was slain by vex 18:56

    Hunter wins
    Kier death count: 34

  5. Mariuigi Khed - I PixelGamers says:

    0:27 Now THIS is what I like to call a fair twist. It’s not just a “I COMPLETELY KNOW THE TWIST AND I WILL ENJOY SEE YOU STRUGGLE!” but a “I WILL ENJOY SEE YOU STRUGGLE, but I will also too”

  6. Skenana says:

    This is definitely worth a rematch! It seems very similar to Create Your Own Twist in that anything could happen from this depending on how you speak, and the list of words could change too.
    Adding Potion effects into the mix as well as maybe some structures would be really cool too!

  7. YTshashmeera ශශ්මීර says:

    I LOVE to see a rematch of this, this is so funny and intense at the end

    Tho I’d definitely have spam protection so the twist can’t be abused too much

  8. Mortxo says:

    Can we just appreciate the effort of this amazing edit that they put in the video at the beginning?

  9. DubleStufOreo says:

    The kier death counter might have an aneurysm after this one

  10. Darkworldxl says:

    How quickly this changed from Dev’s Advantage to Kier’s is extremely funny.

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