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friends in video

amazing team

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38 Responses

  1. SockStudios says:

    what stories do u guys wanna hear?

  2. Average_CR7_Fan says:

    As a football player ⚽️, I can relate to joocie missing the whole 7 foot net and hitting someone😂

  3. Bmw e30 says:

    Blaza can really tell the stories in a fun way

  4. Mr_oof314 says:

    I love how blaza always has the best stories

  5. LJ Gaming says:

    His animations are getting great, I love these videos and it’s always a good day when a new one comes out.

  6. İpek Beyza Işık says:

    damn, those animators deserve an extra penny for an hour, great animations 👍👍

  7. The Movie Review says:

    Imagine that the sock crew did an anime mini series with them as the voice actors.

  8. Luka H says:

    As a tennis player, I can relate to Sock’s problem so much.
    Also why are tennis racket-hitting sounds used instead of badminton racket-hitting sounds?

  9. Not_Ussop says:

    They are explaining these stories like it’s an anime and I’m all for it😂

  10. O'nkiope says:

    I don’t know about you guys but soccer/football might as well be its own movie series. The players are such good actors it’s unbelievable

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