Montpellier vs PSG | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 2/1/2023 | beIN SPORTS USA

Montpellier vs PSG | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 2/1/2023 | beIN SPORTS USA

Leo Messi and Fabián Ruiz came to the rescue in the last minutes of the game after a series of unfortunate events in the first half.

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33 Responses

  1. Alex Fok says:

    So happy to see messi making more runs behind the lines just like the old days.

  2. Jules Tjamak says:

    Finally a win for psg, it’s been too long. the problem with PSG is the Midfield, Vitinha, F. Ruiz, Soler, Renato Sanches are playing terrible. I will say today they played well, I like F. Ruiz goal and assist to Messi, I like R, Sanches through ball to Messi, but the problem is, these midfielders don’t provide lots of through ball to the MNM and Ekitike and that’s the reason why psg hasn’t been able to score lots of goals after the WC. they have to do better in order for psg to win the League and the Champions League, Zaire Emery did well, I like his goal for the redemption mistake vs reims but man he is promising player for the future in PSG.

    • Sam Eggebrecht says:

      I think the problem goes deeper than that, you can see Mbappe’s frustration with not receiving a possible pass from Emery, as well as other teammates when Messi goes for the shot as well. And it happened in more than just the highlight reel. It feels like there is too much competition within the team AND their midfield/defense look sloppy. That is my take.

    • Rohan George says:

      2 ligue 1 matches without a win for psg is very long, thats how high the expectations for psg is in ligue 1, thats how free ligue 1 should be to psg lol.

    • SellingOptions says:


    • Rob Ray says:

      You notice the play after mbappe is out… I think he’s done bye mbappe flop

    • Jay Murthy says:

      They’re missing Veratti. Him and Vitinha in the middle have been good for them in the past

  3. Salman Haider says:

    That Hakimi goal was insane, what a shame that is was offside!

  4. G G says:

    Let’s give credit to the keeper too for saving TWICE vs mbappe. But it’s crazy that he missed that rebound.

  5. Frank Franky says:

    All Messi’s goals are true goals!!

  6. Mumtaz Mannan says:

    6:25 what a pass by ruiz. He was outstanding today! 👏

  7. Junnior Cruz says:

    9:24 this is why I love watching bein sports, these commentators just do the job justice 👏

    I’m rooting for psg but even then when I hear them call put his goal with the passion I can’t help but crack a smile

  8. Hefipale Burp says:

    Our captain is still showing good performance after a hard WC. Im confident he will make it to defend the title in Copa America. Grande Leo! 🇦🇷🏆

  9. Nippleless Cage says:

    Messi on the end of a Messi pass for once. Beautiful goal

  10. Bob Ross’s Dad says:

    Messi has a great technique on Pks now, I know it’s PSMbappe but still think giving the 2nd to Messi is best. Also finally a pass to Messi, kudos to Fabian.

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