My first impressions of Season of the Wish are… ok. But I’m MAD about something.

My first impressions of Season of the Wish are… ok. But I’m MAD about something.

Season of the Wish features what I think is a really fantastic seasonal activity in The Coil, which is mainly what we’re gonna be talking about today. However, there was one thing completely unrelated to the season that really, really annoyed me.

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31 Responses

  1. @getsomeeatz5648 says:

    Datto yelling angrily is like hearing the nice teacher yelling for the first time😳

  2. @deathwing860 says:

    A quick heads up for the Coil activity. Platinum rewards don’t go of of score, it all is tied to chests and the max score required for the last chest to open is 100k. The glass collector is not required, but it gives you some room for mistakes. In order to get the first chest you have to get to 7.5k, which means that you have to get ALL the pots in the first room (after the first drop in the platforming encounter look to the left of you, you will see 2 pots in there). Also as a quick tip: Void Titan with peregrine grives one shots wizards in both the ogre and the last knight fight, use that it makes the fight so much less of a headache.
    And remember: “GET ALL THE POTS”

  3. @taylormartinson8788 says:

    That text on screen at the end really hits home, like you said Datto they really never learn. All the feedback in the world and after all the bad press, someone still decided that was a good thing to put in the store.

  4. @Spike2276 says:

    When you actually manage to summon Maddo, you know you fucked up

  5. @davidgolledge140 says:

    Love the emotion Datto. Well said. They have priced themselves out of attracting new players which are the lifeblood

  6. @Deflower-me-tap says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard Datto be actually mad. That was intense! Love The Coil and the vibes of the season but that bundle is absolutely outrageous

  7. @jk5385 says:

    Never heard Datto soo upset before, that last couple minutes was spicy lol

    • @caseylamarca334 says:

      I’d be upset if i were him, Destiny is trying to squeeze every last drop of money on a sinking ship and lowkay taking Datto’s career with it

    • @nealdolphin says:

      He has good reason to be upset. Destiny is Datto’s living, and Bungie keeps doing things that threaten his job. If players keep leaving, Datto might or might not be able to transition to other games and get decent monetization. I am certainly rooting for him however…

    • @andrewangeles283 says:

      You should’ve heard him when they were releasing the first two expansions of this game and he was playing those half assed raids he was LITERALLY yelling he was WAY more mad than in this video

    • @PanoptesDreams says:

      @@nealdolphin He’ll be fine, with his brains he’ll slide into something else quite well.
      Plenty of other Destiny creators have done it, and have been better off for it.

    • @00Grimreaper00 says:

      Can you blame him? That starter pack is a literal scam. Bungie clearly has not learned their lesson

  8. @stevekeeling7988 says:

    From one destiny vet to another, thank you for the last 60 seconds or so.. Well said

  9. @RyanOConnell02 says:

    Dude I fucking LOVE datto. Good content, Funny content, Good entertainer, even BETTER person and always speaks his mind. Well done bud

  10. @gepdproductions says:

    I love you Datto. Thank you for being a champion of the community. What you said needed to be said.

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