ENA – Power of Potluck

ENA – Power of Potluck

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Music by VLIF


John Fraser………………….3D Character Modeler/Animator/3D Background

Luke “Floofinator” Thomson…….3D Character Modeler/Animator

VLIF………………………..3D Character Modeler/Animator/3D Background

Evan Nave (Mrpalland)…………3D Character Animator/3D Background

Utu-Nui……………………..3D ENA Model


Marco Cárdenas……………….2D Character Animator

FERCI……………………….2D Animator (Rough Assist)

Abby F……………….Script Revisionist

Brian Zavala………….Post-Production


Lizzie Freeman as ENA(sad)/Moony/Mask

Griffin Puatu as ENA(Happy)

K Beau Foster as “The Therapist”

Audio Design by John Fraser

Directed by Joel Guerra

Special thanks to Sr Pelo

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36 Responses

  1. @JoelG says:

    New ENA Plushies right here!! https://fanga.me/r/ena
    Hello everyone, this video should have been 40 seconds long, but everything went out of control amidst the process as everyone’s already noticed. Enjoy!

  2. @FehDubs says:


  3. @fakequetz says:

    My interpretation is that after temptation stairway, instead of getting rid of her sad face, she just manages to conceal it on a mask that mimics happiness while literally chewing her depresive antisocial self.
    She tries to have fun, but fail’s to understand what is about. In act I, she doesn’t get how funny actions and the amazement you get from them are supposed to give you “fun”, on act II she understands that people flow along with that “fun”, and while her mask pretends to have fun alongside them, inside she doesn’t understand where’s the “fun”, to her all the expresions remain bored.
    On act III she becomes the source of “fun” to the audience, showing a funny silhouette while her inside remains dead, and act IV is about how, even though she gets pleasure from the audience’s praise, she can’t get the fun she’s been looking for, finally breaking, her mask no longer concealing her sad side
    In act V her mask is desperately trying to hide her evident sadness, and once she gets therapy, she destroys her mask and aknowledge that she just can’t feel fun.

    To summarize, I think the mask is a representation of her denying and concealing all her sadness and atempting to live a 100% fun life, but in the process she lost the meaning of what “fun” is supossed to mean. in the end, “fun” trully is precious when it’s in balance with sadness, is it’s scarcity what gives it it’s value.

    Or perhaps, ENA’s weird and has no repair, I’ll have to rewatch the video a couple dozen times just in case i missed something. I really love these series.

    pd: VLIF’s dog-horse thing at the end is the first time I hate a character in these series, but seeing ENA makes my day so I don’t mind, I hope you keep up with this amazing work

    • @crabinijig8403 says:

      I think it being about fun is true, but she can’t feel fun mostly because she isn’t able to let herself feel anything else. Even though the pain is still there from the sadness, she convinced herself she needs to be happy and do things that make people happy, sposedly; and when she gets the thing she wants, she feels not the happiness, but the feeling of shame that she isnt immediately happy. She’s feeling emptiness inside. Meanwhile your mask that you show others begins trying to change how you feel and it immediately starts to make you feel ashamed that you really arent like this on the inside as well as argue for you tto stop liking the things you do like. Idk

    • @zombycowthejigholeman2329 says:

      i think the mask is the wish she got from the great runas.
      she wished to be happy, but one cannot be made to feel happy.
      The mask was a drug that may have “worked” at first, but eventually wore off.
      notice how the mask is the only one that seems happy throughout all this, while ena could only question what she was feeling.
      When the mask came off, the true ena came out.

    • @doodlebro. says:

      @@SmugBab it was an extension of hers, intended or not, although ripped off and destroyed easily, it didn’t really change what’s outside, only what’s inside
      if it had more of an external effect it’d change her appearance drastically more, but all it did was channel her sad part forcibly, and chewed on it

    • @Rocksteady72a says:

      That’s an impressively detailed analysis of the video so short after release! Well done 😀

    • @SmugBab says:

      @@doodlebro. Got it.

  4. @hunterloxar0269 says:

    It’s insane how much talent goes into Ena. Absolutely no dissatisfaction coming from any Ena video.

  5. @cocaine.cowgirl says:

    I don’t know what it is, but ENA seems a lot more sentient in this episode, as if she’s out of place in this nonsensical world now. Your mind truly is something Joel.

  6. @chewing782 says:

    I love watching the very beginning in hindsight so much: both of ENA’s voices talking in unision, and the psychedelic animation of her pressing the doorbell.

  7. @endieend129 says:

    I love the symbolism in this one, the way ENA positions herself in the camera to hide her sad side and the literal mask she puts on to hide her sadness.

    • @endieend129 says:

      The acts too are symbolic. I don’t understand the first one but the second seems to be an abstraction of a party at a concert, something where a crowd of people follow the same rhythm.
      The third and fourth acts seem to relate to some kind of performative art, so the joy of performance or maybe the joy of creation. ENA refers to it as a chore meaning her lack of enjoyment may be something similar to burnout.

      I don’t know any of these things for certain, I’m just throwing interpretations on the wall.

  8. @kisuette says:

    I genuinely love how everything still remains weird to ENA herself and not to others. Like the ending with the… dog… man… thing. She’s really hard trying to comprehend what the hell she is looking at -relatable- and Moony doesn’t even question it.

  9. @LaggerKnight says:

    6:51 “Fun is quite the elusive varmint – isn’t it? But remember: it is never lost forever. Often, the greatest of fun can be found in the little moments.” Wise words indeed.

  10. @BL4RG4N says:

    I love that Moonie’s distorted voice is shouting “RUN!” at the beginning and “ENA RUN!” When she starts snapping out of the trip.

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