My Opinion on EVERY New Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

My Opinion on EVERY New Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

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51 Responses

  1. MandJTV says:

    Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile and PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

    Also since recording this video, I have some updated opinions. Arctibax is now a solid 10/10, and Baxcalibur is 9/10. They are very fun to use.

  2. lightningwolf788 says:

    The thing with the Violet paradox Pokemon is that they’re supposedly new Pokemon built by the future people to preserve the ancient forms. They’re all described as “machines/devices described by the research team.”

    • Beck Hartland says:

      @GoinGreninja when I played through I assumed the time travel room was the pokemon on the glitch page of the Scarlet Book. It is a big round room with hexagon panels on the walls not sure how it looks in Violet though. That the lab was built around it and the ‘time machine’ is actually some sort of power magnifier for the room itself. It would explain why Professor Heath found paradox pokemon there before Sada was even born, they were slowly being brought there anyway by the crystal room/pokemon but Sada invented a method to accelerate that

    • Chris Kagamine says:

      @Johnny Blowtorch Multiple Youtubers have actually talked about this. The Genies are based on the 4 directions, which was weird that there were only three. The 4 directions are Tiger of the West (Landorus), Dragon of the East (Thunderus), Bird of the South (Tornadus), and Turtle of the North (Enamorus).

      Which made me realize: Besides Gen 2 and 7, have the (non box art) Legendaries all been based off of places that that game’s regions aren’t based on?

    • Caius Drake Gaming says:

      @Aaron Griffin The Ruinous Relics(the name I call the four) are supposedly based on the Four Perils, Tao Tie, Hun Dun, Qiong Qi, and Tao Wu. Though it’s more likely a very, very loose connection. I can’t really figure out what exactly they’re based on, though their names being Chinese and their main ‘bodies’ being basically cursed relics might be a good point to start at.

    • CoffinKidHxC says:

      Except for Jugulis who is the offspring of a Hydreigon and a robot

    • Murple says:

      now he’s gotta make a whole new video of re-rating all of the paradox pokemon

  3. Joas Nepper says:

    Brute Bronnet makes sense to have the pokeball pattern as foongus’s pokedex entry mentions it being the inspiration behind the modern pokeball design

  4. Jarek Hartwell says:

    I don’t think people realize that annihilape is referencing the old dex entry that said that if primeape got angry enough, it would die. When primeape uses rage fist enough, it turns into a ghost type

    • Blue Baron says:

      Gotta love sun & moon dex entries!

    • netweed09 says:

      I mean his scores are very ‘stoich’. Which is ok as it is his opinion of course – but it grates that anything Quirky or ‘outside the box’ like the Ruinous Legendaries or the Paradox forms get murdered by him in the ratings and that’s totally uncool and so against the concept of Pokemon for me (literally.) I mean, Palafin Hero having to be this very flamboyant amazing yet true to form clean-looking Dolphin just to earn an 8/10 from M&J would be *so damn boring!!*

    • Cintrón Productions says:

      Congratulations! You fricking murdered your Primeape! But at least it evolved now! XD

    • NicEXE303 says:

      Oh that’s actually kinda messed up lmao

    • netweed09 says:

      Exactly right?

  5. Arvind Prasanna says:

    I honestly don’t understand why Sprigatito’s line get so much hate. They’re adorable and Floragatto is arguably the best looking middle stage starter in a while. Also, it uses a flower yo-yo for attacking, that is just adorable! And Meowscarada’s design has a lot of nuance. On top of being a magician, it also evokes the traits of Picaresque heroes like Zorro and Arsene with its design.

    • KaiserBerserk says:

      I like how Meowscarada resembles El Zorro

    • netweed09 says:

      The Flower type shuriken Yo-yo is simply genius. I only think it could have been adorned with even more design or markings on it’s quite plain body but sometimes keeping it unfussy and simple is also Good.

      Solid 8/10 for Meowscarada!

    • Jacob P. says:

      I like floragato too. But meowscarada is just ugly in my opinion. It has cool inspirations, but I just don’t like so many of its design aspects. The spiky fur that looks like shorts looks really strange to me. I don’t like its puffed out fur to resemble poofy sleeves either, I get the idea but the end result just looks unnatural (and not in a cool magical creature way, it looks unnatural in a “this was clearly something designed by a human” way like it couldn’t even exist in the context of the pokemon world). I also hate its droopy ears, they make this thing look tired and bored rather than intimidating and cunning like I think it’s meant to look.

    • Joker says:

      Is this a Persona 5 reference since Meowscarada and Floragato looks like Morgana. Also don’t understand the Sprigatito line hate when its way better than some other bipedal starters like Delphox and Emboar

    • Ergotth says:

      Plus all three starters are performers of a different part of Porttuguese/Spanish influence in all Americas. Skeledirge being a Mariachi Singer (Mexico), Quaquaval being a Carnaval Dancer (Brazil) and Meowscarada a Mardi Gras masquerade performer (New Orleans, which was under Spain a long time ago).

  6. The_Godbodor says:

    Arbolivia is kinda weird for being Grass/Normal, but it’s ability creates Grassy Terrain when damaged and that pairs with it naturally learning Terrain Pulse which is stab with or without the terrain active. It’s high Special Attack also makes firing off stab Hyper Beams to finish off strong opponents really fun

    • netweed09 says:

      @Enrique III el Laberíntico ​ It’s not only that, it’s his Wild ratings. I mean , look at 6:50 – ”I respect the Pokémon overall – bam,,, 6/10” – I mean, hello??!

      If 6 is ‘Respect’ – what’s ‘dislike’ – a minus 2/10?? Makes 0/10 sense.

    • Enrique III el Laberíntico says:

      I’ve realised that Mikey simply isn’t a fan of the Normal type, probably because of his experiences with it. He doesn’t think Smoliv’s type is unfantastic because he thinks Normal is lame, but because Normal doesn’t give him good vibes and he’d prefer to not add it.

    • Cintrón Productions says:

      Yeah it’s a solid Grass type, it may be slow but it has pretty decent bulk with recovery in Synthesis, and coverage for Steel types in Earth Power. Is it the best Grass type? No. Is it still a good Pokémon? Yes. 🙂

  7. MLDavid says:

    I love Glimmora for the sole fact that it’s a special attacking rock type that *actually learns Power Gem*

    • Blue Baron says:

      @Goli great counter-play to the argument, friend.

    • Goli says:

      ​@ignitedquils But Nihilego also gets Earth power

    • Shroom says:

      @MLDavid I see your point here. I agree with the statements you’re putting by up, with it being a good play through Pokémon. It’s a little inconvenient that a quad weakness to ground makes the Pokémon worse, but I agree that its overall decent. With toxic debris, it saves you an extra turn from actually using toxic spikes, as well as it being able to have a design I can see would work well, god I’m even interested in the shiny. I just am a really competitive player and I only look at Pokémon for how useful it is in battle, like Baxcaliber and it’s stats for physical moves. Sorry if I offended anyone with my opinions on Glimmora, and don’t bother to reply, anyone, because I’m probably extremely busy grinding for money to alter stats with mints for my team in Scarlet. Also Ice is underrated lol.

    • MLDavid says:

      @Shroom I personally disagree, at least as a playthrough Pokémon. I’ve certainly used worse. I have no idea how it would do in competitive though. But, too each his own.

    • Shroom says:

      @MLDavid I just meant stats wise. Overall, I like Glimmora and it’s design. I just intended that it’s a little unreliable in battle.

  8. GrandiaKnight says:

    What might have been fun is if the starters had final form based on the version’s paradox forms. I bet ancient Skeledirge would look awesome!

  9. Skeleton King says:

    I hope this list updates in the future. Because in my opinion the iron paradox pokemon are awesome. And the dex entrys are mysterious as hell and I just love them all.

    • Ace Entertainment 808 says:

      @shimmyking4That is probably the best interpretation I’ve seen of the future paradox forms.

    • shimmyking4 says:

      my defense of the future forms is that i don’t think the people who dislike them are reading too deep into it. like Mikey, people probably had the same idea of “things don’t evolve into robots” but the way i saw it was that in the distant future many species of pokemon are going extinct due to things like pollution and habitat destruction and because pokemon are so vital to everyday life in the pokemon world people tried to create synthetic pokemon in an attempt to maintain their uses for pokemon

    • netweed09 says:

      @Chris Kagamine Exactly right? It seems he only wanted super-Obvious and safe designs.

      The cool one really have to be extra hard (Roaring Moon) to please him, which is a bit sad I thought he’d be a bit more outward-looking on designs. Like Chien-Pao and Chi-Yu are totally awesome, quirky and mythical takes.

    • Chris Kagamine says:

      @Skeleton King ok, this makes sense.

      What other Pokémon are you hoping for a Paradox form of?

      (While I know it would make no sense) a grass origami Porygon that we could find out that the shape of the current porygon is based on that.

      As Scarlet would have Pokémon based on manmade items, it would be cool the have Violet be based on a very natural Pokémon. I was thinking of Shinotic, but maybe gen 9 shouldn’t have a mushroom convergent evolution, mushroom past form and mushroom future form all based on previous Pokémon.

      Maybe future Bastiodon. I want to see a futuristic robot castle

    • Skeleton King says:

      @UCnBy9GbuxUW-MIcqmZ2e51A I’m not opposed to it. Although I do feel like they made scarlet first and then just.. tried to make scarlet fit. Like… there are a lot of moments that made me think yeah this is supposed to be futuristic.

  10. Toxica47 says:

    I feel like its worth mentioning that Tandemaus evolves into Maushold without you ever seeing. One moment they’re two, the next they’re 3/4. Theyre also extremely cute and expressive in motion.

    • Kirby778 confetí says:

      If they’re the first pokemon on your team you do see them evolve (I think Austin John Plays demonstrated that).

    • Shiny El. Ghosteo says:

      Yep. They’re Probably my favorite of the new mons. Also one is wearing a shirt and one wears pants. Everything about it makes my heart melt 🥹❤

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