Napoli vs. Barcelona: Extended Highlights | UEL | Play-offs – Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

Napoli vs. Barcelona: Extended Highlights | UEL | Play-offs – Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

Barcelona and Napoli face off in Italy after a tightly contested match between two Europa League title favorites leaves them all square at one.

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49 Responses

  1. Wisco9er says:

    Masterclass from Pique and Busquets. Showing true veteranship. As for the rest of the team, Adama, Jordi Alba, De Jong, and Aubameyang (even though he missed a lot he still had really great positioning) were stellar

    • D _ says:

      @ideho JOB ok that’s understandable. and yeah idk what’s going on with him. i remember he was arguably the best keeper in the world about two years ago

    • D _ says:

      @barrnun page I can respect that but some fans are too reactionary. I’m actually happy to see you guys progress more but I don’t like how fans just flip immediately when the older players do good when the week before they were complaining that they should retire already.

    • Martial Hero says:

      @R madrid NYC you’re not better than them so you shouldn’t be talking, just jealous that they’re earning millions of dollars

    • barrnun page says:

      @D _ It is what it is, this is what we have , this is what we move forward with. No money, no trades, we work with what we got. We have hopes, we have disappointments, Dembele only one with contract issues that I know of….so I will enjoy what progress there is, and being a “older” person myself I will understand.

    • DonBridge says:

      @Andrew Quinones you’re acting like you can compete in the Europa League, let alone any competition at all 😂

  2. Jorge Arce says:

    Barca are steadily improving and I hope they keep it up for next year. They need to work on not making easy mistakes and giving the ball away. Xavi is slowly making this team what it used to be and I am so ready for Barca to be the top European club again!! Forca Barca!!

  3. Ryan says:

    Traore brings the physicality that this squad missed before his arrival. Sure, not a perfect squad but any means, but the lack of veteran players, and in general physical ones, was incredibly apparent prior. Basically toughens their line up w his presence

    • Jim Jones says:

      I know Traore is “physical” but that’s not what’s helping the team it’s his directness. Barca are known for passing the ball around not dribbling at defenders. The dribbling at defenders, especially on the wings opens up more options like crossing or that assist to Auba. Side note, Frankie De Jong is probably the most underrated defender in the world right now he is right up there with the best. Barca should not let him go you can build the team around a player like him just protect him and let him have the ball at his feet as often as possible and goals will be created.

    • Bakail Frozen says:

      Sorry man wait till you see how much he misses in front of goal 😂

    • Mitchael Hollingsworth says:

      i agree, they haven’t had such a physical player since paulinho

    • John Beefcock says:

      Is he staying?

    • Jay lucas says:

      He adds a fear factor for the defense which is also nice

  4. Mahendra says:

    Xavi’s team scored 3 goals in the first half against Atletico, Valencia and Napoli.

  5. Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 says:

    *Barcelona has been improving at a solid rate!* 📈

    *Hopefully they keep it up*

  6. Wonder Boi says:

    What a great game! Hoping to win the whole competition. Visca Barca! 🔵🔴

    • Oh Snap! says:

      @Shug ! a pitiful napoli that is fighting for the serie a title? A napoli that has the best defense in the serie a? Barcelona could win this competition. Come on.

    • Shug ! says:

      Great game by Barca – could have been 8-2 against a pitiful team like Napoli – but let’s not get carried away. They ain’t winning squat.

  7. sublime says:

    It’s so good to see Barca players taking long shots. In Koeman’s time, they would just play around the ball and lose it inside the box.

    • Jay lucas says:

      Yea I hated that

    • Ejom says:

      Underrated reply. Couldn’t agree more.

      It would infuriate me that Barca simply wouldn’t shoot. Sometimes you need to put it on-goal from outside the box. At least force the keeper to make a save &/OR keep the defense guessing.

      Lost too many times trying to dribble the ball into goal to teams who weren’t afraid to let it rip if given a clear chance.

  8. Oswaldo Campos says:

    Dest has been amazing . im not gonna lie i’m impressed by the way Xavi has gotten everyone’s morale and confidence up, hence why we’re doing so well. Let’s keep it up lads #ViscaBarca ❤️

  9. E R says:

    I know it’s the Europa League, but Napoli is 2 points from the top spot in Serie A. Scoring 4 goals on the road is impressive. Xavi is worthy of the hype he was getting when he got the job.

  10. Matthew Winter says:

    Love watching Barcelona recently these new transfers have added so much energy and pace to the squad. Can’t wait for Fati to play alongside these guys!

    • Gabriel Velasquez says:

      No bro fati out

    • Jordan Chuchu Mike says:

      @BenOfTheday_EditZ you high on crack , if fati was fit his scoring a hat trick that first leg

    • Chris Forward says:

      @Rodrigo Garcia he’s only 19😂chill out

    • Rodrigo Garcia says:

      @BenOfTheday_EditZ fati is done bro once he had his ankle injury back in his first season with first squad 3 years ago, he’s done for

    • Efrain Lagunas says:

      @BenOfTheday_EditZ nah my dude, Traore is a different type of player to Fati and Dembele. Personally I can’t compare him to them, he’s providing something this team has been lacking and he’s making it look absolutely necessary to have. Between Dembele and Fati, I’d choose Fati. He has 4 goals in all 8 appearances he’s had to Dembele’s 0 goals but 3 assists in 13 appearances (according to Onefootball). To me, with Fati’s 5 year age gap, he’s the talent that must stay and is just making that extra impact that Dembele is lacking.

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