Nate Diaz Answers Jake Paul’s $10 Million MMA Offer | The MMA Hour

Nate Diaz Answers Jake Paul’s $10 Million MMA Offer | The MMA Hour

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53 Responses

  1. DJ Whitesox says:

    Dealing with Nate is like walking a cat on a leash.

  2. Daniel Grigg says:

    Nate handing Ariel’s drinks to people was hilarious.

  3. buryitdeep says:

    Talking to Nate is like trying to repack a suitcase after holidays

  4. M P says:

    I don’t wanna live in a world where Nate Diaz gets KO’d by a youtuber 🙁
    Im rooting for you Nate!

  5. Razear says:

    Even when you’re having a conversation with him, it feels like Nate is wandering around everywhere. Lol

    • Veritas Atlantic says:

      He’s super focused and attentive to interviewers he respects. 😉

    • RogueLeo says:

      Awareness. Always read the room. He feels the energy shift he’s out. He knows there are clout chasing clowns and trolls acting stupid

    • William Winter says:

      ​@Veritas Atlanticlike who?

    • Vintage Junk to Funk says:

      Maybe it’s ADD maybe it’s punch drunk.. but he is smart it just takes a while to get things out lol his mind is everywhere. He also reads the room and is always looking

  6. Detective Marvel says:

    Real talk, he created the real Money fight and the BMF, definitely a game changer, Dana needs to fully show Nate the respect he deserves

  7. brett Scott says:

    Ariel is continually the interview goat. Nate pinched he’s drinks, all but ignored him to sign autographs then pulled out a few spliffs lol. He still kept it light and fun and actually kept Nate engaged for more then 60sec which is a achievement in itself.

  8. Ivan Benic says:

    Nate is a mastermind . He got more ink by leaving then he would of he talked for 3 hrs. Epic Nate for the win.

    • Van Hattfield says:

      Nate isn’t planning things at that level, he just does what he wants and then people interpret things themselves and make him sound like some kind of genius, but he is just being Nate. 😂

    • Drew R says:

      “mastermind” LOOOOL

    • Fabolous Jada says:

      @Van Hattfieldyes he does actually he can’t articulate well so you think he slow

    • B2BClutchYuh says:

      @Van Hattfield He handed out those drinks right at the beginning because he didnt want them getting free promo without sponsoring him. He’s a lot more business minded than you think lmao

    • oppp opp says:

      @Fabolous Jada hes pretty slow dude be honest

  9. JohnLSullivan says:

    Ariel talks to him like he’s a 5 year old, it’s so funny 🤣

  10. Digital Nomads says:

    Nate is the real G of the game.

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