National Championship: TCU Horned Frogs vs. Georgia Bulldogs | Full Game Highlights

National Championship: TCU Horned Frogs vs. Georgia Bulldogs | Full Game Highlights

Check out these highlights from the 2023 College Football Playoff National Championship matchup between TCU and Georgia. The Bulldogs blew out the Horned Frogs, 65-7. Georgia has won their second-straight National Championship, the first team to win back-to-back since Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide in 2011 & 2012. Bulldogs QB Stetson Bennett finished his college football career with a stat line of 304 YDS, 4 passing TDs and 2 rushing TDs.

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35 Responses

  1. Ron shanklen says:

    After TCU scored that touchdown i was like “wow I honestly didn’t expect them to score” and i felt hopeful for them, then the rest of the game happened

    • greencat184 says:

      So many people are saying “TCU didn’t deserve to be in there” which just isn’t true…they were clearly the best (or 2nd best non-SEC team) in college football. The problem is that the SEC is just THAT dominant in it’s top schools.

      Tennessee embarrassed Clemson
      Bama embarrassed Kansas State
      Bama last year embarrassed Cincy
      Bama embarrassed Notre Dame
      UGA last year embarrassed Michigan
      UGA embarrassed Oregon
      LSU embarrassed Purdue
      Florida embarrassed Utah
      And lastly, UGA embarrassed TCU

      The fact is that the SEC power schools are just on a different level. Only Ohio State, Dabo’s Tigers, and Baker’s OU have put up any competition on those college’s BEST seasons. Even heisman Baker’s OU lost to UGA in 2017…and don’t get me started on LSU with Burrow beating up non-SEC teams 🤣.
      The fact is that non-SEC teams have to have a career best year to put up a fight with the SEC’s top teams. The only yearly competition in the past to these SEC school are other SEC schools. The only reason we can’t have SEC teams in the top 4 consistently is bc they have to play each other which means it’s impossible for 2 SEC teams to go undefeated, ans still extremely difficult to only have 1 loss. That’s it.

    • Ethan Sawyer says:

      Lmao same I was like hmmmm maybe this will be a game actually worth watching, then came the second quarter and i was like Jesus Christ man at least give them a chance🤣

    • John Cee says:

      I honestly thought TCU was gonna win. Thought it was too good to be true for the Dawgs to win a second straight after how close the game was against Ohio. I prefer Georgia Tech, but am just as happy for Georgia to win again! Threepeet…?!

    • Mikey B More says:

      Same bro

    • DynaHunt says:

      Oregon fan hurting right now

  2. Jim Kanzelmeyer says:

    I get an overwhelming sense of gratitude to the UGA team by the fan base. Great fans. An exclamation point on the seaon! Congrats on a well deserved championship and an outstanding season!!!

    • mikell daley says:


    • Solomon Bomar says:

      @MAS lmao it’s the SEC. Coaches don’t survive. They don’t survive because of him and Nick Saban.

    • MKZ3003 says:

      @MAS sounds like nothing but excuses

    • Walt N says:

      @MAS imagine saying a team that just went back to back and went 29-1 over two seasons and is the first team to repeat in the playoff era has a weak resume. Holy smokes 😂😂😂 better get used to it too boy. ooh wee

    • MAS says:

      Out of your FING mind.

      The game is bad now for a NC team to be crowned with a weak FING resume like this.

      * 4 of the 15 coaches were 1st year coaches,
      * 4 were 2nd year coaches,
      * 2 of the last 3 coaches (SEC, PO, NC) were 1st year coaches.
      * 2 coaches (1st and 2nd yr) finished in top 10,
      * 2 coaches (both 1st yr) finished in the top 16

      He beat Ryan Day by 1 pt and Harbaugh has destroyed Day the last 2 years.

  3. Jesse Baggs says:

    Have never liked the Georgia bulldogs but got to give them props, they played a flawless game, congrats to the bulldogs for winning the national championship 👏 👍

  4. Dylan Jones says:

    Just like last year, when Georgia started the season with a Pick 6 and ended it with one, this year, they start and end with a blowout game. Congrats, UGA! GO DAWGS!

  5. Kris Murray says:

    This….THIS was the game that should show people that…there are LEVELS to this, and TCU isn’t there yet. Georgia just showed you what can happen when you take some of the most elite talent on the planet, and get them all firing on all cylinders, playing an inferior opponent. It’s quite literally unstoppable.

    • Mike Williams says:

      @arizjones it was as stoopid as saying kentucky 2012 could beat an nba team. Sec fans are so stewpid

    • Dominus Limo says:

      As a TCU fan, I was kind of wishing we would’ve just made the Rose Bowl or cotton bowl instead of the playoffs, because I knew there was no way we could beat Georgia, I was surprised to be Michigan but that was just luck, I think the only way TCU could ever make the playoffs again is to go undefeated. The only school that can even hang with Georgia now is probably Alabama

    • Mike Williams says:

      @wok sec fans say the dummest things

    • wok says:

      @Bill paid See Now U Start Sayin Anything

    • arizjones says:

      @Bill paid When you said “i think georgia could have given any nfl team a tough game.” you just showed how little you know about football.

  6. Terry Ford says:

    This wasn’t a football game this was a lesson

    • Jimmy Throw says:

      @Daniel M. and Texas by how much idiot u only won the Texas game cause there QB got hurt

    • mikell daley says:


    • charles kassed says:

      @Khromiux who did they really play all season? Beating Mich is not saying much. They are over rated and their coach is known for coming up short… TCU was not ready, but they are welcome to JOIN the SEC if they want to become a stronger program.

    • Sailor Landon P says:

      @Ben Pearce Do you have proof of that?

    • Fit First says:

      @J Pvilleyou forgot that extra little help of a touchdown that is no longer a touchdown in that game lol. Im glad tcu got smoked!!! Not even in the same conversation as alabama, michigan, ohio, georiga, id even say add tenn and clemson to that

  7. M G says:

    What a demonstration! Only one punt by Georgia! Amazing, incredible! That strength! TCU was vaporized from the beginning until to the very end!

  8. Alex Kizer 🇺🇦 says:

    Honestly, after the first few minutes of play I had a bad feeling. You could tell poor TCU was just outclassed. Congratulations UGA.

  9. Cody Cha says:

    Every time TCU offense is on the field, it’s Georgia a defense highlight

  10. X ACE X says:

    There are a lot of moments where you could say TCU had no chance of coming back but I think the interception at 8:03 and then the touchdown at 8:46 is where they realized they were completely outmatched. If that didn’t happen, they probably would have had more optimism to come out in the 2nd half. But after that possession, it destroyed all hope they had left and it showed

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