The Brink of Infinity | Season 2023 Cinematic – League of Legends (ft. Mia Sinclair Jenness, 2WEI)

The Brink of Infinity | Season 2023 Cinematic – League of Legends (ft. Mia Sinclair Jenness, 2WEI)

Year after year, we stand together at the edge of a new beginning.
Inspired by the words and deeds of the champions who came before.
It’s time to make your mark—Season 2023 has arrived.

“The Brink of Infinity”

Once again…I stand at the brink of infinity.
What lies beyond the shrouded path?
Death? No, nothing that simple.
The best part of me will live on,
In the scars I leave behind.
I do not fear the darkness.
I will brave the shadows,
Trusting nothing but my strength.
I have found my limit a thousand times, and still I press further.
Every mistake, a lesson.
Now, I will teach them–to fear me.
I will become what I must be.
Why? Because I can.

Video created in partnership with Illusorium.

Music by: 2WEI feat. Ali Christenhusz
Written by: Ali Christenhusz, Christian Vorländer, Simon Heeger
Produced by: 2WEI
Mixed and mastered by: 2WEI
Vocals performed by: Mia Sinclair Jenness
Music Supervised by: Kole Hicks
Executive Producer: Riot Music Team

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34 Responses

  1. C9 Vienna says:

    Compared to last years “The Call” this is such a huge disappointment. A long with a lot of other changes it really feels like Riot has cut budget for League. The VALORANT cinematic four days ago was super cool. Last years The Call gave everyone hype, energy and excitement, this falls flat. I know they can only work with what they’re budgeted, so it’s not their fault. Whoever is making these decisions is just making us sad.

    • Cyberpantsu says:

      @Peri “League’s animation crew”, lmao, they hire mainstream video production companies to do their trailers, the same ones that do 50% of E3 trailers. The thing is, Riot doesn’t produce these cinematics, but they do write the script and direct them. So they simply had a bad idea that was executed perfectly.

    • Cyberpantsu says:

      This gives me hope that they simply dedicated all their LoL resources to the MMORPG.

    • Peri says:

      @Aryantz H League’s animation crew doesn’t work on Arcane, the company Fortiche does

    • Ochi says:

      @Sardaukar Pilled look at Valorant or Wild Rift
      They are getting treated a lot better than Lol ever since their released

    • Noam Kimhi says:

      @Sardaukar Pilled How else do you plan to explain this if not budget cuts? Most played game in the world that’s true, but seems like Riot is slowly killing it for its new babies. Same like any other multy game company (Blizzard with HotS and WoW, Epic games with Paragon)

  2. Discount Disco says:

    When Mundo appeared at the Dragon Pit and said “It’s Mundo time” and started going where he pleased I was in shock. Such a dramatic moment.

    • Very Stoic says:

      @Imagoblin I find it hard to compare this measley comment to the exceptional cinematic we have here, i mean, did you not see Jhin going 1v2 against camille and cait? That all out sniper battle was intense, and camille really forgot how cunning jhin is, I also love how they followed up on what happened in the awaken cinematic with that. Writing on point.

    • Imagoblin says:

      This comment was better than this entire cinematic

    • Roderyk says:

      We as a community should give the same treatment as the rings of power fiasco

    • PizzaEcke says:

      But i was flashed when Rammus, sitting in the bush, said “ok”

    • Alexandre Tremblay says:


  3. Jonathan Corti says:

    My favorite part is when the inhibitor said “its inhibitorin time” then proceded to inibitor all over the enemies, truly one of the moments of cinematic industry of all time!

  4. Big says:

    It’s a perfectly made Cinematic between Akshan w, Twitch q, Shaco q, Rengar ult, evelynn at 6 vs a Kaisa in her evolved E, teemo standing still in his passive, Qiana in her grass q, Vayne in her ult q and pyke in his w in the river. Really good work at there Riot ! They really thought abt every detail

  5. Özgür Öz says:

    2022: breathtaking visuals and story progressions
    2023: unreal engine 5 summoners rift

  6. Maple says:

    I can’t help but to feel sad about this, honestly. Cinematics were the only thing that NEVER disappointed from riot, yet here we are…

  7. Joshua :3 says:

    I loved when they said “it’s 200 years of experience time” and experienced all over the place. Truly one of the cinematics of all time

  8. CleverM says:

    My favorite part was when Zilean said “It’s Timing time” and Timed all over the Shurima. Truly a cinematic masterpiece.

  9. Rafael says:

    When riot games appeared in my youtube feed and said “its bad cinematic time” and bad cinematicted all over the place i couldnt hold my tears. Truly one of the cinematics of all time.

  10. bruh? says:

    Thank you my favorite indie company “Riot Games” for creating this cinematic. My dad always used to beat me at night but now I can dodge his belt and strike back with powerful attack thanks to this piece of video! Truly one of the

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