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The NBA 2K23 Myplayer Builder is here. This is an in depth breakdown of how the 2K23 builder works. What affects attribute caps, how attributes are connected with other attributes, how attributes affect badge levels, how the new tier 1 tier 2 and tier 3 badges work, what affects a badge being tier 1 tier 2 tier 3, how height weight and wingspan affect builds, the new player testing, the new takeover system and everything else you need to know about the NBA 2K23 player builder!

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29 Responses

  1. Joe Knows says:

    50K likes on this video and I’ll go live tonight so you can ask me anything you want about the builder!!!

  2. Zach 2K says:

    You already know Joe had to be the first person I have to watch to know about the builder 💪🏼

  3. YaadManGaming says:

    Congrats on 1Milly once again bredda, HUGE inspiration. Stayed in your own lane and got it out the mud fam. God opens doors no one can shut 💯😤

    • Darth Power says:

      I can and will shut all doors of those of you all who choose to defy me. If Joe doesn’t purify his heart and do right by me then he too will fall just like Tyceno 👁️

  4. ANJR says:

    The badge system is really well done, it makes players actually have to SACRIFICE certain ratings and badges so we can have DIVERSITY in terms of different builds, just subbed nice vid mayne

  5. Ginga says:

    I feel like the builds will end up feeling most like 2k19 builds. I hope so, they felt really balanced and if 2k can incorporate the freedom of the 2k22 builder a little it could end up being a great game. And my career is all about the builder.

  6. Emily Clarke says:

    The rewards from 2k22 with this builder will have higher value. With super star builds the +1 didn’t Mather enough. Now it would be great.

  7. Bubba GC says:

    Love this, It’s seeming like this game will be more refreshing and less repetitive…it really seems like 2k tried to make the game different

  8. Chris Lashbrook says:

    Noticing the ball handling, incoming Greek Freak build that will dominate. His size with wing span was such a problem to try to mimic, until now. Going to be interesting seeing how a ball handling big man with bully badge going to look like.. 😂.. ty Joe for content.

    • Garrett Smith says:

      Fax but kd build will be good to

    • WIZARD says:

      I had a Giannis build in 2k20 that was disgusting. Ridiculous dunks. W downhill rim protector and all that shit. He could guard perimeter and down low. Downhill was dumb cheese I could just run and dunk on everyone. Or kick out. Rec center was literally like 40 pints 15 boards 7 assists on 90 fg% with like 4 blocks

    • FuturisticTv says:

      That’s exactly the build I made on 2k22 and remaking no matter what on this 2k

    • TDcdl says:

      so you think you gonna be able to dribble finish and have godly defence+rebounding on this game? nah builder lowkey restricts too much i wish it was a little less strict

    • Eriel Weaver Official says:

      @Ahmadmon1badmon faxxxx!!!!

  9. Cipher13 says:

    This builder is lit. Finally we’ll get to see some awesome unique builds that you can mold to your playstyle instead of having to be forced to make the meta playshot build. Hope we see more slashers and playmaking builds that aren’t just running around spamming threes.

  10. Jay Blast Gaming says:

    I love this builder already because I see that so many people will have to deal with little defense or no defense at all this game is looking balanced!

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