Need Some Help

Need Some Help

hello, it’s gonna be a busy month

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24 Responses

  1. Mmmm says:

    Markiplier: “I need help, you need to-”

    The community: “It will be done allfather”

  2. Cody Buchanan says:

    Mark: i need a little help, just a little bit

    the fan base: i would literally die for you

  3. ColorfulMAX says:

    I may be a broke artist, but I’m a broke artist with 2$! And would love nothing more than to help my childhood superstar with a big movie.
    I remember being like 8 and watching the animations up on you and ihascupcakes channel and being so freakin inspired and amazed by the talent everyone on this magical website possessed. That made me want to try to be as cool as you guys and basically kickstarted my online art shenanigans which basically brought me to where I am now.
    And now I have a little bit of money on my own and would love nothing more than to share some with my old favorite. Keep doing what you’re doing Mark!

  4. Alexis Broadway Love says:

    Thank-you Mark for everything that you have made over the years. You have been a huge part of my childhood and I am glad to have found your channel to give me all this happiness and now I am able to show you all this love to you so a big big thank-you to you and all your content!

  5. Josh puddin & Dozer says:

    keep pushing Mark cant wait to see this project!

  6. eowenb9 says:

    “Sorry to disappoint”. Mark, you couldn’t disappoint us. You are making amazing things, and we are always gonna love them! We’ll always support you, Mark!

    • Snekbrero says:

      @corrows just report them its about all you can do. people like these enjoy it when people argue about them. just report them and move on, these people are massive dicks anyway

    • corrows says:

      @I’m Trippy hard to ignore when they’ve left hundreds of comments on this video alone

    • dipstick says:

      yea honestly i was hyped to hear he’s doing something *not* interactive, because while the interactive stuff is incredible, it is time consuming and kind of a big commitment, and it can be hard to just like casually share it with somebody or something

    • I'm Trippy says:

      ​@corrows how about just ignoring them? 🤦

    • SSSSwawna Alt says:

      @NinjaKittyOfDoom speak the truth and the truth will set you free…

      *ok back into ur cell*

  7. Zoe Lang says:

    I wouldn’t mind more try not to laugh videos honestly, as long as they don’t take too much energy/time.

  8. Anna Latshaw says:

    we love you Mark! just record a long section of Raft with Bob and Wade and post small 15 min episodes of it and we’ll all be happy! looking forward to all you’re doing!

  9. Park Heemang says:

    You’re one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, Mark.

  10. Monique St.Pierre says:

    “If I’m quiet on one thing its because I’m working loudly on something else where no one can hear me”
    This has been my mindset all of 2023 and I am so here for it

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