The Scariest Disappearance I’ve Ever Covered – The Yuba County 5

The Scariest Disappearance I’ve Ever Covered – The Yuba County 5

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38 Responses

  1. Official Elon Musk YouTube Channel says:

    I don’t think anyone is appreciating Wendi’s girl being an absolute trooper holding her breath for that magic spoon ad enough

  2. K says:

    Honestly probably the first video I’ve seen on this story that hasn’t actively demonised Gary but rather treats him as a human being. Also first video that hasn’t overstated the men’s disabilities and totally minimised them to that. Honestly refreshing to see.

  3. Noah Barnes says:

    Just imagining how hard you would have to fight to keep it together given the situation to look after Ted is exhausting. Imagining working that hard while battling my own paranoid schizophrenia is overwhelming. The idea of fighting so hard no just for himself but for the sake of his dying friend just breaks my heart.

    • pickle whop says:

      Another thing I bet Gary had to deal with is withdrawal. I know with my antidepressants and dealing with withdrawal I couldn’t leave my bed without extreme difficulty and couldn’t walk in a straight line. Gary going through withdrawal from medication available at the time sounds awful. I have so much respect for him.

  4. limp noodle says:

    Living in Yuba, you kinda hear this story go around, like everyone knows it by the time they’re 15, but you just kinda take it as ‘the town legend’, it’s a local joke to beware of Gary, the one who survived, he’ll getcha and take you up the mountain, now hearing all the details is… really upsetting.

    • Silver Feral Thunderbird says:

      Imagine dying horribly and because your body wasn’t found like the others, people just start treating you like some boogeyman who’s lurking around the area. As if this case wasn’t tragic enough.

    • Leatherman says:

      Bro I’m from yuba county and this is the first time I’ve heard about it and I’ve never heard anyone talking about it😂😂

  5. Eddie Esna says:

    Something about Gary staying with Ted for months just to keep him safe and care for him breaks my heart, not alot of things in cases like these bring me to tears like that, knowing they were both probably cold and scared, and imagining how Gary felt most likely watching Ted die and knowing the other 3 were already gone too, being all alone must have been terrifying. I do believe that he must have died in the wilderness too, but the fact he’s never been found terrifies me.

    • Almond says:

      I can’t imagine how scary it is because his medication wearing off and being paranoid with the knowledge of someone being after you that made you too scared to light a fire in the first place AND being all alone
      Not only was it sad but also probably pretty frightening too

    • Sohji says:

      He likely could have used the supplies to get himself back down the mountain to safety, too. But he stayed with Ted until Ted passed. I think he started to head back after that, but it was too late at that point to make it.

    • Frankie Warman says:

      @Sohji Well if someone or something had driven them up there…
      I doubt his paranoid schizophrenia woulda let him think that it was safe to travel back down.

    • Mimilop Memes says:

      @Almond oh definitely. i don’t have schizophrenia but i have bipolar disorder. not being able to get my medication is a complete phobia. its one of my worst fears. i can’t imagine going through withdrawals and the growing paranoia while watching my loved ones die. i’d be surprised if Gary didn’t unalive himself.

    • JDM says:

      ​@Frankie WarmanI don’t have schizophrenia, but I experience occasional random paranoia (not sure if the proper term, this is the one I use). I’m lucky that it’s not too intense, lol.

      If someone or something was chasing me or I had convinced myself that someone or something was chasing me, I’d probably drop on the spot or run as far away as I possibly could get.

      I can only imagine how it would feel to have that intense “something is wanting to hurt me” feeling coupled with having issues understanding what was and wasn’t reality. It must have been absolutely terrifying

  6. c. hoffmanni says:

    As a schizophrenic person thank you very much for this. I can’t imagine the pain Gary must’ve gone through during all of that. My theory is that after Ted died Gary’s last nerve snapped, his last vestige of reality that he fought so hard to preserve gone, leading him to lose it and wander off into the wilderness, practically catatonic. Even if you were a perfectly mentally healthy person this kind of situation would make you snap, add on psychotic illness and that level of suffering makes my eyes water.

    • VEV 1881 says:

      Oooooohhh im in ypur walls ooooohhhhhh

    • datodia says:

      ​@VEV 1881🤓🤓

    • JDM says:

      I agree that anyone could snap from having to sit and watch someone you care about die. I hope that if he did wander off, he might just have clicked off and didn’t experience much pain

    • thehummingbirdbandit says:

      I came here to say exactly this. One of my dear friends is also schizophrenic, and I’m bipolar with occasional psychotic episodes, and seeing someone not immediately demonize Gary for his schizophrenia was such a relief. People are so quick to say “yup, this person has Evil Disease, they must be responsible” because people have such hatred for cluster-b disorders and see us as inherently evil.

  7. ViperLeviathan says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine the horror that Jack’s father must have felt seeing his son’s jacket, picking it up, only for his SPINE to tumble out of it, good lord

  8. weekendreligion says:

    I’ve heard this story so many times, but this is by far the most in depth/compassionate telling of it that I’ve come across. Really well done.

  9. Hippie Stoner🍃 says:

    Gary makes me so upset. The way they describe him makes him sound like a monster but he just sounds like the groups older brother who just needs some meds and he sounds like an amazing dude. I wanna give all these guys a hug 🥺 i hate this 😭

    • JDM says:

      There are a lot of people who try to make Gary worse than he might have been and that upsets me

    • BasedBrit420 says:

      ​@JDMEven the fact Gary never started a fire made sense…Ted was terrified of fire so Gary didn’t start one so he wouldn’t be scared.

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