New England Patriots vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Week 12 Game Highlights

New England Patriots vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Week 12 Game Highlights

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44 Responses

  1. Aaron Caven says:

    Patrick Petersons tackle that kept him in bounds is genius. Go back and see how he came from the sideline back in

    • Jared Buckley says:

      That used to be illegal

    • Freddie Simmons says:

      I mean… yes it’s the right play but it doesn’t seem any smarter than trying to run out of bounds as the offensive player. The opponent wants something, you stop him

    • Aaron Caven says:

      @Massamba Lô yes

    • Massamba Lô says:

      Hi, I don’t really know the ruleset, could someone please explain this play to me? Did he keep him in bounds to keep the clock running or something? Thanks 🙏

    • Crescent Fresh says:

      @Just a Dolphins fan That one was both, lol. The way he called up every primal power in his body to lift that dude and body slam him inbounds. High IQ and High Athleticism.

  2. Isabel says:

    It’s been 22 years since MN’s last win against New England, and this one came at a pretty damn good time

  3. sustainf says:

    I’m thankful for this game. It’s refreshing as a Broncos fan to see just how functional offenses work. Vikings & Jefferson are on fire! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • andy hampsten says:

      Yeah, good game … Living in Seattle, I don’t know how many times I yelled at the TV “why can’t we just have some quick passes?” For whatever reason, watching the Denver highlights this year is all too reminiscent.

    • rara mcgee says:

      Ex charger fan here so not the biggest bronco fan but Jesus did you guys get fleeced. I legit feel bad for yall.

    • RJS says:

      The refs handed the Vikings the game hunter Henry caught it

    • Connor Campbell says:

      I know Jeudy can still break out but I still feel bad sometimes for all the teams including the Broncos who let JJ slip😅😭

  4. The_Real_Big_Boss says:

    For this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful that we got 3 great games today

  5. greenbc317 says:

    Justin Jefferson is going to end up being one of the greatest WRs to play the game! Dudes be phenomenal since entering the league

    • Yetti Man says:

      Just being compared to Moss already… yeah hes gonna be good. SKOL Vikings

    • getthebagnelly says:

      Until he gets traded to a shitty team

    • Craig Wheeler says:

      @IanDanger I saw Jerry Rice play. And Calvin Johnson burn my Vikes every year. That guy was AWESOME!!!!! I forget, what year did Calvin go for like 1900+ yards and break Jerry’s record? Was is 2011?
      As for great receivers, you think you know NFL history, but I got a question for you….which Receiver led the league in TD’s 7 years in his career? And won MVP’s???

      Hint for ya on that one — He ran the equivalent of a 10.5 Second 100M dash, was 6-2 and 200 lbs in his playing days.

    • david chevy says:

      @Heards ur a 🤡 the Vikings offensive line got bullied Kirk had no time throw it wasn’t on Jefferson

    • SkolVikes says:

      @KAMIKAZE cause Dallas defense was just too much, offense couldn’t get anything off, Kirk was too busy scrambling to get any reads…I can’t stand Dallas but their defense is something to be admired

  6. knowsmebyname says:

    Patriot fans we had a lot going against us this game but the team delivered, as it always does primetime, a tough performance. Vikings are good. We fight on.

  7. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Very pleased with how the O line protected Kirk, especially with the absence of Darrisaw!

  8. J Song says:

    Such a close and hot game! Didn’t expect Pats to fight back so well against Vikings.

    • J S says:

      If you didn’t expect a close game then you obviously know nothing about Vikings football.

    • chuck50a says:

      The Pats wins are all due to defence. Their offense is predictable and lackluster with Jones as quarterback. Zappe is a more gifted and dynamic quarterback. Keep Zappe on the bench.

    • GD says:

      I didn’t either! I’m a pats fan and I thought we were going to end up getting blown out I’m just glad it didn’t happen. Even though we lost, it was a good ass game

  9. Jayjay Okoro says:

    Idk man…this Jefferson dude might just be the best in the league already. He’s sneaky quick, with great hands and underrated strength. Love him

  10. Scott says:

    These Thanksgiving games didn’t disappoint. Awesome stuff! This year has to be one of the best in the NFL history for close, tough and hard fought games. Keep it up NFL!

    • jehanne says:

      @Science and God – Bill Morgan the first one with Joe Kapp qB, 1969. 12-2 vikings scored the most points in the league easily with 379, and gave up the least points in history with a 14 game schedule, 133. Played so lost in S.Bowl to K.C, why? I feel for your Bills, too. Love this team now, hope you get to the SBowl this year.

    • john johnson says:

      Idk y ppl still watch the NFL if everything is so “scripted.” I agree sometimes it seems that way with the calls in big moments but the go to excuse for a loss these days is acting like every snap of the game is predetermined unless their team wins then the sayin is “bad calls go both ways”

    • Urbex Ventures says:

      @livetotell100 giants cowboys was a snooze fest fym 😂

    • Macjonesdoorknob says:

      Refs were horrible in all 3 games

    • Chad Chadwick says:

      People were sick of lousy turkey day football so the nfl scripted some more exciting games. Good decision on their part.

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