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new year new button

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  1. Schnobbz Swanson says:

    Jesse looks absolutely manic and insane when he’s talking

  2. Tre Cobb says:

    Ive never been more intrigue to sit back and watch another human more than Jesse, what a ride that was

  3. stefani b. says:

    I was crying laughing at the end of this episode. He was an attractive guy and I dont think she noticed how weird he was until the end

  4. than217 says:

    We need a ‘Hidden Button’ episode. Where they have buttons under the table and can’t see if each other are about to press.

  5. T S says:

    I feel like if I dated Jesse it would be the most bizarre and toxic relationship of all time and once it ended I would spend the rest of my life missing him

  6. NE KO says:

    The way Jesse came in with the good vibes and just quickly ran himself to the ground is insane

  7. Kyle Baumann says:

    Jesse is by far my favorite person to ever be a part of this show. We need more Jesse.

  8. HarrietRose says:

    I fucking live for these videos. Never ever stop. Your reactions are my fave. I could watch you mock the savagery for hours.
    I need a live version of this. Like, you watching them from behind soundproofed, mirrored glass, real time cringing and mocking. Or maybe x factor style, with you just watching and critiquing throughout, then buzzing the ones you don’t like.

  9. Rose says:

    “It’s dangerous to be in a sober state for too long”
    As an addict, that sounds like something an addict would say

  10. sara says:

    Jesse is somehow both insanely on edge and chill at the same time

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