Norm Macdonald & Courtney Thorne-Smith | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Norm Macdonald & Courtney Thorne-Smith | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

(Original airdate: 05/15/97) Courtney Thorne-Smith and Norm Macdonald talk about her leaving “Melrose Place” and working with Carrot Top on “Chairman of the Board.”

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42 Responses

  1. MSK1984 says:

    Wow, the most fitting tribute if there ever was one. RIP Norm.

  2. Enrique Herrera says:

    “I’m pretty sure, I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure if you die, the cancer dies at the same time. That’s not a loss. That’s a draw.”

    -Norm MacDonald

  3. Jurlene Joe Bob Sean says:

    Its impressive that Norm single handedly made this the funniest 7 minutes in talk show history all without being either the host or the guest being interviewed.

  4. The Castiel says:

    Just yesterday, he was the funniest man alive…

  5. redavatar says:

    It shows the genius of Norm that they don’t pick a clip of his interview, but a clip of someone ELSE’S interview because he was such a genius, he could improv the most hilarious lines on the spot.

    • outerspacebass says:

      I’ve seen this clip many many tines and this is the first time I’m noticing Courtney is funny. She quick witted and funny and actually makes space for Norm and Conan. Like her comedic rhythm is very good.

  6. Ilya Ripine says:

    “Death is a funny thing. Not funny haha, like a Woody Allen movie, but funny strange, like a Woody Allen marriage”
    – Norm MacDonald

  7. Sir Weed says:

    I’m going to miss this savage

  8. Acts17Apologetics says:

    This is, and always shall be, the greatest clip of any talk show ever.

    • Awesome Sauce says:

      It’s this or Andy Kaufman/Jerry Lawler on Letterman in 1982.

    • Bianca Star says:

      I remember watching this the night it aired!!! And I never forgot how hard Conan would laugh when he was with Norm. Looking back now, I understand why people are saying that Norm was a comedic genius.

    • Samael 11 says:

      Among the…

      I love Norm, but I would put John Stewart single-handedly canceling Crossfire by asking the hosts;
      “Why do you hate America?” and following that up with basically – ‘ Why, when you are given a platform, and under the premise, to actually do good and further important discussions; Why do you obfuscate the facts and promote petty bickering that gets no where in the best of cases, and sets civil progress back by further polarizing your audience in the worst of cases? ‘

      In the running for greatest talk show clip of all time. Though, it is like the entire 23m program where he is just dissecting and lampooning them, not a 5m segment, so it may be disqualified.

      Anywho, great comedian. One of the most reliably funny people alive for the almost 40 years he was publicly active. Don’t know if he was quite Carlin-level, but he was probably as close as anyone could get. Probably the father of modern anti-humor with his Weekend Update run.

    • Joe Knipp says:

      I don’t know…it’s great, but the clip of Norm telling the “moth joke’ might top it !

    • 200 Watt Studio says:

      Been watching a blurry version of it for years. Glad Coco put up a clear one

  9. Dolan Darker says:

    RIP Norm, what a fitting clip. It reminds me of that tragedy

  10. Jogwheel says:

    How was this not already uploaded? It’s one of the all time greatest moments on Late Night. Just an absolutely savage joke… B-O-R-E-D. Never seen Conan laugh so hard.

    • Ethan L says:

      Because he says a “bad” word. It’s unwatchable when he is censored. Something he wouldn’t be happy with. They are profiting off his death by just now putting this up and then don’t have the dignity to leave his words alone.

    • Sebastian says:

      It has been uploaded, I’ve saw this clip a couple of weeks ago.

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