NY court employee disrupts Trump trial, says she’s there to support him | NBC new York

NY court employee disrupts Trump trial, says she’s there to support him | NBC new York

A New York court employee was charged with contempt of court after she allegedly disrupted Donald Trump’s fraud trial proceeding, state court spokesperson Lucian Chalfen said.

FULL STORY: https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/court-worker-arrested-after-trying-to-get-close-to-donald-trump-at-ny-civil-fraud-trial/4780343/

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33 Responses

  1. Judy Myers says:

    If she works for a court and she show no respect for it by disrupting regardless supporting him or court she needs to be fired

  2. mtflora says:

    Employees of the court have to follow a code of ethics. Unless it’s for her own proceedings, that’s the last time she’ll be allowed in that courthouse. What an embarrassment.

    • 31acruz says:

      Where was the “disruption”, she was stopped, listened politely to a conversation and peacefully walked away. Why the gaslighting ? oh wait, I know why, this is NBC, forgot for a moment. lol

    • LifeSkater says:

      Trust me, the Office of Court Administration (“OCA”) doesn’t like to be embarrassed. That judge could have her job.

  3. Mary Martin says:

    you are in court to observe, not disrupt. if you don’t act respectfully, youll be removed.. House rules

  4. Rampage7 says:

    So fun fact… if you’re a court employee then you are 100% fully aware of court procedure and protocol. Meaning that you know full well that disrupting court proceedings can result in a contempt charge

    A normal person might sometimes get a verbal because they aren’t familiar with how to carry themselves in a courtroom setting, but a court employee absolutely knows better

    If she’s a court employee and supports him, then that’s fine… simply sit in on the trial and support him that way

    But she knows better than to stand up mid-trial and start walking up towards the participants without being called on. I’m sure she could’ve found a way to get word of her support of him during a recess and go from there

    The problem isn’t that she supports him, it’s that she’s supposed to know how to conduct herself in a courtroom setting and made a point to not do so, hence the contempt charge

    • Nah Thanks No says:

      I love that you broke this down, but let’s be real, it IS a problem that she supports him. It means she doesn’t believe in the law or the justice system she herself is a part of.

  5. AR-AM says:

    Supporting him is one thing and obviously confusing to many of us, but interrupting a court proceeding offering your services and it being your place of employment? Well that folks is someone having a mental break. No mentally healthy person would interrupt a court proceeding and think it would go well.

  6. Locke99GS says:

    How exactly did she think that was going to support or help Donald Trump? She knows the trial will continue without her, right?

  7. Gia Fontana says:

    Who In Their Right Mind interrupts a Court IN Session Yelling She Wants To Help Someone She Doesn’t Even Know?? Clearly Another Nut Job.

  8. welcome back to 1972 says:

    To say “you’re scaring me” with a smirk. Really undermines legit fear of police.

    • eddyvideostar says:

      @31acruz : Selassie! Bless, Truth. Well-written. Excellent.

    • Renee Day says:

      She should have been tackled to the ground because that’s a formal President and she could have been a threat

    • Aesir says:

      If you couldn’t believe the absurdity of their treatment to you in that situation, than you are definitely already gone

    • ill Smoke says:

      That lady was legit scared. Wouldn’t you be if you were surrounded by 6 officers? Clearly she has some type of mental issues but is surrounding her the right move. 1 officer is all that took, maybe 2. They escalated a situation that a normal person with common sense could have fixed in 10 seconds. The world is full of idiots. Those officer’s should be fired as well as the women who interrupted the court procedure. In what situation, besides a gunman, should you surround a women who clearly isn’t all there. All they did was make it worse

  9. The Uluxian says:

    Meanwhile, in the “What the hell were you thinking???” department…🙄🤦‍♀

    And you can just see her giving security the “I’m entitled/Do You Know Who I Am?” speech

  10. Brenda Jefferson says:

    So disrespectful and coo-coo for real!! Get some help woman, this criminal would not give you two burnt nickels 🤡

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