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37 Responses

  1. Will says:

    Everyone: *just unboxing stuff*

    Lily and Michael: “ONLY ONE SHALL LIVE”

  2. CrimsonEclipse18 says:

    Whoever gave Michael the Blades of Chaos needs an award. A chaotic weappn for a chaotic man.

    • Nihil says:


    • real name but it isn't. says:

      @Don’t Read My Profile Picture You got it,buddy

    • Neighborkidremy says:

      @Layton Lau You werent expecting it? it was in the thumbnail lol

    • Mr. Trombone says:

      @Torch the being i’ve somehow got a feeling that after all the things we’ve found him capable to do over the years, he could very easily make his own replica of the axe lol

      just need the woodworking skills of the secret santa, the wood chopping ability from camping, and the ability to make the blade which i have to imagine at this point is basically just his forte lol

  3. Musical__Gamer says:

    That was the sword fight of the century between Lily and Michael 😂

  4. Pain Stripes says:

    Lily and micheal having the fight of the century while toast is trying to steal Jodis slippers 😂

  5. uli11 says:

    I adore John and Jodi in the OTV vids! I admit I feel sad that there aren’t really vids with everyone all together as much. I know everyone’s super busy and its hard to coordinate shoots- but it’d be nice to see everyone all together, is all!

    • Duck Yena says:

      Scarra and Toast talked about it when the new trio joined OTV. One of the reasons why they get new members is that everyone is busy and it is increasingly hard to make new videos every week or every other week. When there are only 5 of them (not counting yvonne), if one or two people are busy, it’s a bit weird to shoot a video with only 3 or 4 people in it.

  6. JustDonny says:

    Gonna miss these videos. Always had a side quest vibe to them in-between OTV’s bigger videos.

  7. Lochity Man says:

    Imagine spending hours making a sculpture of Poki just to have John open it LMAO

  8. Zerakim says:

    the duality between lily saying “i love you” and michael talking about crazy frog is hilarious :v

  9. Steve says:

    OfflineTV unboxing will be rebooted like the podcast. Season 2 unboxings here we come!

  10. justsomebees says:

    You can just tell how normal things like lily and Michael sword fighting are by how John just keeps on doing unboxing stuff while Michael is partially behind him on the couch

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