99 Details From the GTA 6 Trailer

99 Details From the GTA 6 Trailer

Don’t miss our GTA 6 trailer breakdown! The GTA 6 trailer is finally here and we’ve looked over the entire footage and uncovered 99 hidden and hard to find details littered throughout our first look at GTA VI.

There are lots of cool new things to pick out from this brand new Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer from Rockstar Games, and in our GTA 6 trailer deep dive, we examine clues about GTA 6 map locations, hints about the GTA 6 world, glimpses of what might happen in the GTA 6 story, references to GTA Vice City, and more.

The GTA 6 release date is 2025 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

For more on Grand Theft Auto VI, check out our GTA 6 trailer reaction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuMSEkVqC9k

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56 Responses

  1. @thebrainpsych says:

    Wow, this breakdown is spot on and detailed. Kudos to folks from IGN team who researched every single bit!

  2. @XenozShorts_ says:

    It will be great to see more densely packed cities. GTA 5 definitely does feel empty sometimes especially in places where it will normally be crowded

  3. @QuuQuu says:

    Insane how Rockstar captures their version of reality so well, absolutely brilliant

  4. @TheIrishTexan says:

    I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned the larger moving ships in any videos I’ve seen yet. We’re usually limited to very small boats to freely drive around, but we’ve seen huge cargo barges and super yachts actively moving around and not just sitting in place.

  5. @joshammari7959 says:

    The bridge in the keys that is broken is actually legit. Its based off an old railroad that used to go along the keys until they destroyed the entrance to it when building the highway. If you ever go down there, for a decent chunk of the trip the railroad is right next to you. You can see chunks of it that are broken off

  6. @You-For-A-Night says:

    🤩 Would be awesome if eventually you could travel between cities in GTA Online via the airports. Vice City to Los Santos to Liberty City.

  7. @joeswanson14 says:

    I’m so hyped for this game. So much time and love has clearly been put into this world and i’m so ready to explore it.

    • @LowLight420 says:

      Only for SP5 and Xbox X. This game costs $450 to play.

    • @AliSwam says:

      ​@LowLight420 bro you have until 2025. If you’re broke just say so. Stop complaining and get a console. Even if it’s just for gta.. you aren’t a big fan imo if you wait for the PC version..

    • @joeswanson14 says:

      @@LowLight420 No one is saying the game is gonna cost 450 bro

    • @slavcow says:

      ​@@AliSwam this is exactly the reason they ain’t adding it to pc at release because people will actually do this

    • @AliSwam says:

      ​@@slavcowhow does that benefit Rockstar? Wouldn’t they prefer all available platforms to be marketed all at once? There has never and will never be crossplay so anyone that wants to play with friends would need to buy the game on console/pc for that anyway.

      GTA 5 dropped as console and story mode only, with online and pc after. Gta 6 will be the same

  8. @Lattrodon says:

    The map is going to be absolutely huge. At least 3 confirmed counties, Kelly County, Leonard County, and Vice Dale County. The cities will be huge and insanely detailed.

  9. @Razear says:

    Hats off to IGN for doing the heavy lifting with this level of meticulous research. These trailer breakdowns reveal so much about a game.

    • @Optamizm says:

      You think they researched it themselves? They would’ve just watched a few of these types of videos and compiled them.

    • @dhdixjrnedndjd9672 says:

      It’s insane how well rockstar does their trailer. They pack so much into 90 seconds bc they know channels like this will break it down.

      It’s all on purpose and it’s crazy how they even begin to put together something like this, making everyone frame have so much into it to unpack

    • @baileyadams-rc2xn says:

      And yet they still butchered the German pronunciation of Pißwasser 😂

    • @sujimayne says:

      IGN made the only proper breakdown of the trailer. Almost everyone else is either pointing out the obvious or even getting many things wrong.

    • @RedNuii says:

      ⁠​⁠​⁠these people got so many things wrong. From pronunciations, to what they reference in Miami. The nightclub in Miami is called E11even, pronounced eleven, not 11 11. The reference building for the woman on the car at 5:06 is wrong, it’s actually based off of The Gabriel Miami hotel, it’s also exactly where this video shows it, seen off of the end of McArthur causeway, the bridge that connects Miami to Miami Beach.

  10. @FernsGaming says:

    It’s crazy that even as adults this still make us feel like kids again 😳

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