Oliver Anthony on the Unexpected Success and Backlash from “Rich Men North of Richmond”

Oliver Anthony on the Unexpected Success and Backlash from “Rich Men North of Richmond”

Taken from JRE #2027 w/Oliver Anthony:

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24 Responses

  1. Timothy Nelson says:

    Less then a month ago he was unknown to the world and now he is on Joe Rogan. Never been happier to see someone succeed!

  2. Bp Loughran says:

    One of the best stories of 2023, what a wild ride his year was…i love how humble he is . . Really hope he stays this way, he’s a national treasure

    • ACR says:

      Absolutely. Oliver Anthony is a voice for conservatives everywhere. I am so glad he is on our team, we need all the help we can get in our fight against the democrats.

    • Cedar Cheii-Man says:

      Blew up in a month massive Viral success, no one has ever seen it happen instantly. God, I love his life in musical, lyrical connection that connects to what we are feeling.

  3. Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews says:

    You have to go through or have gone through stuff to write a relatable song/story and I appreciate Chris’s waisted time to come up with such profound music! Thanks for being a real person Chris and thank you for having him on Joe. 👊😎

  4. George Douglas says:

    Man…. this guy is so real, so genuine, so talented. I wish him all the success he can stand! 🇺🇸

  5. drumswithfist says:

    Soooo good to see this brother on your podcast. I believe he’s in a lot of our prayers, because he’s singing our song… 🙏🏻

  6. MindSetMatch says:

    His comments on anxiety ring really true. As you get older and if you’re still pushing towards huge goals that feeling deepens, it’s a struggle to not lose yourself to it. Im happy for his success, I hope it gives others hope.

  7. Justin Taylor says:

    Thanks for having him on, Joe! Hope Oliver makes it through all this quick fame. Be brave! Be strong!

    • Buck Buchanan says:

      Joe knows a good thing when it comes along. Everyone is going to be scrambling for Chris to be on their shows.

    • @robsgonesailing, Walking The Green Mile says:


  8. Hippie Custer says:

    I’m a 42 year old Virginian and I cried when I heard his song. I still tear up. Carry on brother. Peace and Love.

  9. Simonbelmont09 says:

    “A lot of the anxiety for me came from just feeling like I was running out of time”

    Man I’m 37 and I feel this _so damn much_ . I feel like I’ve wasted my life in a retail job I hate. I’m nowhere near financially stable. I feel trapped. The depression is very, very real and very arresting.

    • Broxty says:

      You’re gonna work it out, never give up.

    • Major Buttkiss says:

      You need routine, don’t drink. Workout make a plan to accomplish whatever u want reasonably attainable etc. And hang out with ppl with your same goals ideas etc.

    • Buck Buchanan says:

      Simon, what got Chris through it was Jesus. The same Jesus that has gotten hundreds of millions of people through poverty, depression, war, family death, prison and tragedy.
      Matt. 11:28-29 “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

    • justin jay says:

      🙄try bipolar 1 guy

  10. Scott Munro says:

    This is the best example of why our founding fathers advocated for free speech. This is the power of art when it holds up a mirror to society. God bless this gifted musician.

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