Percy Jackson and The Olympians | Teaser | Disney+

Percy Jackson and The Olympians | Teaser | Disney+

Percy Jackson & The Olympians tells the fantastical story of a 12-year-old modern demigod, Percy Jackson, who’s just coming to terms with his newfound supernatural powers when the sky god Zeus accuses him of stealing his master lightning bolt. Now Percy must trek across America to find it and restore order to Olympus.

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42 Responses

  1. N Lee says:

    I remember reading the books in 2012 at the library and it made the school years less lonely. I literally can’t remember details of the plot now but the feeling of having read the first and second series will always be one of my best memories. Hope the show gains the immense success it deserves, as well as being an adaptation that does the stories justice.

    • BooneTheGoon says:

      I feel this, it sounds like it’s about time for a re-read though! 😊

    • Elozino Peter-Ogba says:

      It was exactly the same for me. The nostalgia is actually making me tear up.

    • Gator70 says:

      Never read these books but your comment reminds me of going to the library after school in the 80’s and doing the same thing for probably the same reasons. I wish I could enjoy the library in that way again!

    • J says:

      Thank God someone else has the same experience as me. I felt a little bit bad. Maybe 5 years ago I could recount the first 5 books and The Heroes of Olympus word for word like I read them yesterday but it’s been awhile and a lot of things have happened in my life since then and now they’ve finally brought it back to live action and I’m just hoping it will all come back to me as I watch the show and see all the set pieces I used to only be able to imagine

    • André Carpenter says:

      Recommend you give the other books a try

  2. Riley Victoria says:

    The characters being the right ages make this story 100000% better. As a kid I connected to them being my age on wild, brave adventures and it inspired me. Now I watch as an adult and I’m like holy shit they’re so small and that monster is giant. It reminds me of Stranger Things and how putting the kids right in the action makes the stakes of the story way better.

    • Chad Higgins says:

      I don’t think their age matters much (as long as their young and not above high school age) the only thing that matters is 4 year prophecy

    • Jason says:

      I think the actors are older than the characters in the book by a couple years, and by the end of the run of the show they will be way older probably. Still closer in age than the movie series though.

    • chikann says:

      @Jason annabeth , grover and percy’s actors are pretty much the same age as the characters

    • Chad Higgins says:

      @chikann I think Grover was always old in the books and only said he was 12

    • Susanwhoateacan says:

      Yh but if it took this long for S1 imagine how old they’ll be in S5 😭

  3. Sunmi says:

    i don’t know why but the “you’re gonna have to be brave now” line just sends shivers down my spine because, as someone who read the entire riordanverse, i can say that percy goes through so much in each book and it’s making me emotional

  4. Ian Boggs says:

    Still remember all my good times back at Camp Half-Blood 😌Back in my day, it was a little more… violent than this 😅 Glad to see things have changed, excited to watch this new reality show of my old camp!

  5. yourstruly901 says:

    I wasn’t expecting to cry but here I am. This series meant so so so much to me as a kid.

  6. Stella Sketch says:

    I was in middle school when i first read this series and now I’ve graduated college, so seeing this book finally come to life on screen in a faithful adaptation actually brings tears to my eyes, and makes me realize just how much I’ve grown since then. And yet I still have never grown out of my Percy Jackson phase, and with 5 seasons of this I probably never will!

    • Michelle S says:

      Same! We’re the same age, and I remember watching the movie in my 7th grade class – so it’s so weird to see kids their actual age acting (which is how it SHOULD be)

    • Divinity says:

      Elementary school for me, I’m in college now, kinda crazy to think how long it has been.

  7. Goat Amv says:

    I really hope this show does well. There aren’t many long term series on Disney plus these days but this series looks to be promising.

    • Manuel Orozco says:

      I feel you. I lost interest in the Mighty Ducks after Season 1. Didn’t feel the same without Bombay

    • andru says:

      Uhh, it still looking meh

    • Isaac Desrosiers says:

      I just wish they stuck to the book better story and cast wise. other than that it looks really good.

    • Kofa Lofa says:

      not every franchise has to be stretched thin its tiring to see all this old stuff everything is a franchise nowadays there arent many good standalone series that dont get milked to death anymore when was the last time disney did something completely new?

  8. trent says:

    The first book over the course of 8 episodes might just be perfect. Big respect to all involved for finally going for it!

    • DaleTheBoulder says:

      If Disney can’t do this, nobody can. That doesn’t say much, as modern Disney is terrible at adapting and making new stories.

  9. Tomotasauce says:

    I’m gonna start crying because of how BEAUTIFUL this looks😭

    My childhood is getting the adaptation it deserves, and I can’t wait to watch the whole thing with my family😢

  10. eBirdo says:

    As long as they let Riordan have his creative and the dialogue isn’t bad (which is sadly a big if) input I don’t see this show going downhill. The actors are all super talented and I can’t wait to watch this with my friends. Also, might I add that the use of a dark-sounding Riptide by Vance Joy was a friggin brilliant easter egg for fans of the books! Very excited!!!!

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