Philadelphia Eagles vs. Seattle Seahawks | 2023 Week 15 Game Highlights

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Seattle Seahawks | 2023 Week 15 Game Highlights

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37 Responses

  1. @Borzah says:

    Metcalf went beast mode

  2. @TandL12 says:

    I’m happy for Lock. The look on his face after the last TD was fantastic. The block Lock gave on the first TD with Walker tells everyone how much he wanted the win!

  3. @JonathanSimmons42 says:

    Drew Locke running all the way up and making that block for the TD was insane

  4. @MZophiel says:

    Incredible game. The blocking for Walker’s touchdown was beautiful and some big plays in the last quarter from Seattle. Brilliant.

    • @DMNDREG says:

      Exactly, Lock did well and risked a lot blocking for Walker in a couple times. The team looked more solid without Jamal Adams.

  5. @adensmith8553 says:

    I’ve never seen DK step up like this before. I hope we get more play like this from him.

  6. @NguyenNguyen-iu8nd says:

    Man, seeing Drew Lock downfield blocking for K9’s touchdown brought back some emotions I haven’t felt in a while 😭

  7. @Animal_Channel says:

    NFL been cookin some real good games this season, including this thriller of birds vs birds 💪💪🔥

  8. @ohb1kenobi859 says:

    That block by Lock on the Walker touchdown was insane

  9. @macstorm3432 says:

    Wow what a magnificent performance by the seahawks. That has got to be an break out performance by Walker too, he was sensational!

  10. @user-xr1ib4ts4w says:

    That was an impressive performance by the Seahawks. Beautiful game.

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